Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Family Fun Weekend

Yes, the Barlow Bunch had family fun weekend (I believe I am becoming my mother)! It had been six weeks since we had a weekend just the three of us - with our mini-trips, Jonathan's travels, my girls weekend, family here, etc.  I wanted to make the most of our time together before Nolan arrives.  
Due to the heat, we went swimming on Friday ( pictures) & Jonathan & I went on a date!  Saturday, Jonathan made our favorite - pancakes!  We took Peyton to Fancy Feathers Farm in Bowen, GA.  He loved the emus, ostrich, goats, & dogs.  It was a fun family trip & I'm so glad we did it.  We also celebrated the marriage of Trey & Janna O'Kelly.  Peyton had a ball chasing after balloons & the little girls (Oh I in for it!) Today, we were able to celebrate together at church (the 3 of us hadn't all been there in weeks) & have loved watching the Olympic Trials on TV.
Janna & Trey's wedding

Peyton loved this sweet dog & goats!

As a mama, I am learning these quality moments are important for my little boy.  As I struggle being a full-time working mama, I try to embrace the quality, not quantity times together.  I want to experience new joys, new words, & new moments with my little boy.  I was thankful to have this time with both Jonathan & Peyton this weekend.
PS - We had another family day for the 4th....nothing special or pictures, but a wonderful day together! 

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  1. The farm looks terrific! What fun! Happy late 4th! Glad you all were together!
    Love you all 4! mom