Sunday, April 21, 2013

Accidents, Miracles, & Facing Death

Today is bittersweet - seven years ago, my sister, Anna Fraley Yuhas, was hit my a train & suffered a traumatic brain injury.  It is today, on April 21st, that my family will forever be reminded of God's goodness, grace, & healing power.  I believe Anna truly experienced God's power to heal, as for 72 hours we did not know if she was going to live...all the odds were against her.  Anna went through extensive therapy after her accident, but is a walking miracle.
On July 30th, a few hours after Nolan was born we learned of his testicular mass, a 95% chance of the mass being malignant, & Jonathan & I prepared to meet with an oncology team after his surgery.  Again, Jonathan & I experienced God's goodness, grace, & healing power.  Most of you know the ending of Nolan's story...he is cancer free! Below is one of my favorite pictures of Anna holding Nolan for the first time, at only 3 days old & before his surgery (not knowing the result).  I truly believe angels are alive & present in our lives.  I truly believe in miracles.
Today, we had an amazing church service.  Children were given Bibles, a sweet baby boy was dedicated, & Jonathan preached on, You Shall Not Perish.  As Christians, we are not to fear death, but instead, celebrate eternal life.  May God be present in Boston.  May God be present in West, Texas.  May God give His healing power to all those lives in the hospital suffering injuries.
Anna & Nolan - my earthly angels 
In the midst of sadness & tragedy this past week, I am so thankful for the GOOD in my life.  Last weekend, we celebrated my Mom's BIG 6-0 birthday & Carter's 2nd birthday in Kentucky.

Celebrating Mom's birthday in Georgia 
Nancy threw a lovely horse-themed party for Carter.  We loved getting to celebrate with him.

Posing with Auntie Anna & Grandmama before the party begins 
I think the boys loved the cupcakes! 
The choir sang, I Will Rise today in choir.  What a perfect song in the midst of tragedy this week, & I personally was reflecting on Anna's life.  It is one of my favorites - 
And I will rise when He calls my name
No more sorrow, No more pain
I will rise on eagles wings
Before my God fall on my knees, & Rise! 

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Blessed & Bittersweet Easter Holiday

How was your Easter? Were you able to celebrate with family?  Our holiday weekend began with some big news concerning my career - I am being moved  to a different school in the county teaching 4th grade for the 2013-2014 school year.  Our county is going through a reconstruction, & due to many changes, I also am changing.  I am not sure I can handle a 3rd school in a 3rd grade within 2 years.  God is going to have to provide me with daily strength as I face this upcoming challenge.  God is going to have to give me peace about this change.  I am having to remind myself we serve a good God who cares.
So, this is how the weekend began....
After much talking & tears, I decided I must enjoy these precious moments with my boys & extended family.  I cannot dwell on my sadness & anticipation of what's ahead.  My in-laws came in from Florida, & we enjoyed every minute! We played at the park, went shopping, cooked a big Easter dinner, dyed Easter eggs, had an egg hunt (without candy, & Peyton still loved it...haha!), & watched basketball!  We loved every minute.  I don't think we could've squeezed anything else into the short weekend! :)
Nana & Peyton dying eggs! 
Egg Hunt with new best friend, Rex
Seeing his Easter basket! 
Nolan loved the Easter grass! 
Easter Sunday! Papa Gerald, Jonathan & Nolan, Me & Peyton, Nana, Papa Rusty 
Four Generations of Barlow Boys! 
I hope your Easter was blessed with happy memories.  May the Living God give you hope & joy!