Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Christmas Visitors

We have had the BEST week with lots of friends coming to visit us (in all reality - Peyton!) on Pine Valley! I have cooked & washed LOTS of dishes, but all worth it! Pictures & Captions:
RBC Staff (missing Lauren, Jake, & Hudson)
Monday - Started with hosting the Royston Baptist Staff for an appreciation lunch! It was wonderful - Christmas appetizers, Sarah Gregory's Chicken Chili recipe (Thanks Sarah!), Mom's fudge, Christmas candy, & JB's favorite - Derby Pie.  Monday night, we got to meet our dear friend, Margie in Commerce (Peyton slept the entire no pictures)

Tuesday - Youth from our church in Atlanta, Second Ponce de Leon Baptist, came to visit & meet Peyton. I made Nancy's yummy Bar-B-Q Chicken pizza & we snacked on leftovers from Monday.  It was so much fun to catch up, play with Peyton, & laugh watching Griffin & JB play the Wii.

Wednesday - JB's dear friends, Scott, Amanda, & Luke Angle came to visit, as they were headed back to MS. WOW - we got a picture of our lives in 7 years.  Luke, 7 years old, is ALL boy & full of energy. It was so much fun to picture future Christmas moments.  Thank you Angles for being such role models for JB.  Sarah Gregory's baked spaghetti for dinner - a great casserole for a group!!

Thursday - Ansley & Rose came to visit - my student teacher from Fall 2009 & her daughter.  Ansley is such a giver - making the drive from Atlanta, bringing sweet Christmas gifts, & hugging Peyton. I just wish we could have visited longer, but so thankful for the short time together.

I can't begin to describe how excited Jonathan & I are to share our first Christmas with Peyton! We are making special memories with special friends & as a family. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Barlow Christmas!

We survived my first week of work! Let's see - I cried several mornings leaving for work, JB forgot the diaper bag for the sitter, we had to scramble to find a sitter due to a funeral, Peyton decided to pick up his 2am feeding again, etc.  Needless to say, we were exhausted by Friday! But, I am excited about the job & my new students!
This past weekend Papa Rusty & Nana Barlow came to visit! We had the best time together - relaxing at home, opening Christmas gifts (b/c we'll go to KY to be with the Fraley family after Christmas), & enjoying worshiping together. Here are a few pictures of Peyton opening his gifts -
Grandmama Fraley is on her way to come visit this weekend! She is going to help me prepare for a Staff Appreciation Luncheon for Monday, December 20th.  Any ideas of what I can serve? I'm still thinking.....

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Insanity: the Workout, the Weekend, & the New Job!

This week, Jonathan & I decided to start the workout program, Insanity (thanks to Nancy & Phil!).  Let me tell you - it is a GREAT workout.  We have motivated one another, smelled like we've never before, had Peyton laughing at our jumping jacks, & been extremely sore! We only have 54 more days...I'll keep you posted on the results!

Peyton Christmas Tree Shopping!
We had the best weekend! We went Christmas tree shopping - I packed the video camera & camera to capture Peyton's excitement of getting his first tree.  As you can see from the picture, he was beyond thrilled. We stayed up until midnight decorating (& I am NOT a night person, but was enjoying myself so much, I lost track of time)! We finished our home decorations as well - garland outside, candles in the windows, our Snow Village set out, etc.  We also had several Christmas parties - it was great to continue to make friends in the Royston area.  It was truly a magical weekend.

Peyton 3 months old! Wed., Dec. 1, 2010
Finally, another added detail to our week & another change to our lives...I got a job! It truly is an answered prayer.  I was hoping to find a part-time in education. Our county was on a hiring freeze, so we knew it would be a long-shot.  But, I applied, interviewed, & got a part-time tutoring position at Carnesville Elementary working with 4th & 5th graders to help prepare for the Spring test. I'll admit...I've been tearful all day thinking of leaving Peyton.  But, I am grateful for this position & have a friend watching Peyton. Another change with the Barlow Bunch...we'll keep you posted on how this week goes with our new routine!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Travels & Turkey!

The Barlow Family!!! Thanksgiving 2010
Happy late Thanksgiving! I hope that you & your family had a blessed Thanksgiving.  I hope you were reminded of all that you are thankful for this year.  Jonathan challenged our church congregation to personally thank those that have been a positive influence on our lives & to identify things we are thankful for this year.  There are countless things I am thankful for this year - my husband, my precious baby boy, our dog, our new home & career, our extended families, my wonderful friends, the list could go on....It was evident to me this Thanksgiving that our God is so good.  This time last year we did not know where we'd be living - with Jonathan's resume circulating, what type of work we'd be doing, & that we'd be blessed with Peyton. 
We spent this Thanksgiving with the Barlow family.  We had a wonderful holiday - eating good food, celebrating an early Christmas, shopping on Black Friday (Amanda is a true bargain shopper...I thought I was good, but she puts me to shame!), watching football, & just enjoying one another's company! Here are some pictures of our Thanksgiving -
Thanksgiving Morning
Four Generations of Barlow Boys - Jeremy, Papa Gerald, Peyton, Jonathan, & Papa Rusty 

Peyton opening his first Christmas gift! Doesn't he seem thrilled?! :) 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys!

This past weekend Nancy & Phil came to visit! We had the BEST time! I LOVE that my family & the Barlows are willing to make the drive to visit, as I know it's long.  Although I don't see my sisters on a weekly basis, we cherish our time together when we can see one another.  We go on long walks/runs, eats out at yummy restaurants, shop together, & stay up late chatting. 
It was a busy weekend! It started out with JB's birthday - his parents & I went in together to get him a Wii.  He was thrilled! Phil & Jonathan stayed up until 1AM PLAYING the WII...boys will be boys! (Nancy & I were in bed long before 1am)
Dinner in Athens! Happy Birthday Jonathan!   
We also did Christmas shopping at the outlets.  I am excited about our gifts for the Barlows! Each year we do our Christmas exchange with the family we see at Thanksgiving, so shopping starts early in our household.  We also enjoyed worshiping together at RBC. 
Nancy is expecting a baby BOY April 3rd, so we had the best time talking babies, registries, schedules, future memories with our babies, & how baby boys love their mamas!!! We also laughed at the fact that we grew up in a home primarily with girls, & now are both going to be raising boys... sporting events, farting, burping, constant ESPN...boys will be boys!
Peyton & Baby Boy Boatman already making memories!
 It was a wonderful weekend! Happy Birthday Jonathan & thank you for the visit Boatmans!!!
Peyton asleep on his play yard!   
(I just had to add this picture...Peyton played so hard with Aunt Nancy, Uncle Phil, & on his play yard that he fell asleep!!! Our boy is growing!)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Virgina, Kentucky, & Back to Royston!

Peyton & I have returned from our first road trip together! 
Whew - it was exhausting, but WONDERFUL! 
It started with our drive to Virgina to celebrate my Dad's 60th birthday! What fun - 25 family members celebrated Dad's birthday on Saturday.  My heart melted when my Grandmother held Peyton!
The Fraley Family in Appalachia! 
Jonathan had to head back to Royston for Sunday church & a work week. Peyton & I continued our road trip to KY! We had the best time seeing & visiting many, many friends! For those of you we saw - THANK YOU for loving on Peyton, taking time out of your work week to see us, & sharing in the memories of our first trip!
Our Boys! Beth, Noah, Peyton, & Me!
Hanging out at the Yuhas home: Sisters & Ty!   
After a fun-filled week, Peyton & I rode back to GA with Sarah Gregory and her long-time friend, Jolie.  They were visiting with us & attending a wedding in Atlanta.  We had such a great weekend - walking, laughing, sharing memories, & anticipating futures. As they left, our first visitors from SPDL, Sarah & Charlotte came for Sunday church.  In my opinion, it was the BEST Sunday since attending RBC. I loved my new Sunday School class, Jonathan preached an amazing sermon (he'd be embarrassed knowing I said this, but it's true!), & we had several new couples & families! YEAH!
Sarah, Charlotte, Peyton, & JB! Thanks Girls for visiting! 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Our Week of Firsts!

Peyton 2 months old!

This week was full of firsts!  The week began Monday morning with Peyton turning 2 months old (& yes Grandmama called to sing Happy Birthday to Peyton).  We had to go get his 2 month shots.  For my friends who are not mommy's yet - it's awful! I had to watch a gigantic needle poke Peyton's tiny leg.  For the rest of the day, I was watching Peyton - for fever, swelling, a rash, etc.  Thankfully, he handled it better than I did!
A second first - Jonathan & I love to "bet" while watching major sporting events.  Jonathan loves watching all kinds of sports & this is a way for me to connect with him.  We always create a March Madness bracket & I have won the past several years - a $20 date, a new dress, etc.  My luck was up - Jonathan & I bet on the World Series, thrilled with the teams playing.  The Giants clinched the series & Jonathan won $30 from my monthly fun money... a first.
Third - I started going to Jazzercise.  When you move to a new town, you will do anything to meet people.  I met a new neighbor, Misty (my age, with a baby!) while Peyton & I were out walking.  I was beyond excited.  She told me about the class & I loved it! Although I looked like a fool, it was a great workout & I met several new people. I will return!
We are ending our "Week of Firsts" with Peyton's first road trip.  We are headed to Virginia today to celebrate my Dad's birthday & for Peyton to meet his great-grandmother.  Wow - I had no idea how much one had to pack for a baby!
Blessings until next time...

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Goodbye Trip & Hello Halloween!

We have had a wonderful, but busy weekend.  It started with saying goodbye to my career as a 3rd grade teacher at Trip Elementary.  Jonathan used his entire day off to pick up our neighbors truck (yes - Peyton's sweetness had our neighbors smitten, therefore, they offered their pickup truck for the move), moved extremely heavy boxes/book shelves/school books/etc, & unloaded all items to our new home. It was bittersweet.  I will miss walking the halls of Trip, sharing laughs & tears with my amazing 3rd grade team, & teaching 8 year olds more than just curriculum.  

Peyton's first holiday has come & gone.  All I wanted was a family picture in front of our new home with Peyton in a Halloween outfit & our pretty pumpkins.  Well, Peyton had other ideas.... He cried.  Check out the pictures!!! I talked with him all day about Halloween - dressing up, candy, jack-o-lanterns.  I can't wait for future Halloweens! If he's anything like his daddy, he'll love the chocolate & saying "Trick or Treat" to anyone!

 Thanks Nana for the Halloween outfit! (Aunt Nancy, Peyton spit up on your outfit before we had a chance to photograph... oh well!)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beginning to Blog!

Good Morning Family & Friends! As I have been home from work, enjoying taking care of our newborn, I have loved reading "mommy" blogs, as well as friends blogs.  Therefore, I am going to attempt to start blogging.

Since recently moving, many family & friends live far away.  We connect through phone calls, texts, & facebook. I thought this blog might be another creative way to connect to those we love.  Jonathan & I want to share our adventures of being newly senior pastor & minister's wife, parents, & residents of small town Royston.

Please join me as we try to navigate these transitions in our lives.  Watch Peyton grow through pictures & stories.  Laugh as we share our mistakes as a new parents. Pray & cry with us as we discern God's call for our lives.  We love you!