Sunday, May 27, 2012

Mountains & Memories

We have had a busy, but fun week.  Monday thru Wednesday we went to Hiawassee, Georgia with Jonathan's life-long best friend, Ryan.  Thank you to the Adams for allowing us to stay at their beautiful cabin.  We enjoyed yummy meals out, hiked to a beautiful waterfall, shopped at the cutest boutiques, & played games.  It was a time of "retreat" for Jonathan.  Thank you, Ryan, for sharing some of your summer with us.  Here are some of the captured memories -

Hike Near Hiawassee, GA
Ryan & Peyton exploring!

We returned to Royston, GA to drop off Peyton, meet & greet my in-laws, & head to Sapphire, NC to celebrate our 5 year anniversary! Thank you, Susan Knighton, for allowing us to stay in your beautiful cabin! It was wonderful to sleep in past 7:00am, enjoy TWO date nights in a row, hike together (without having to figure out how to take Peyton), & relish in our dating, engagement, & marriage.  I am so thankful to be married to a man who doesn't mind talking & sharing his emotions.  To 55 more years of marriage...

We thank Nana & Papa Rusty for watching Peyton.  The two-day trip was wonderful, but we both were ready to see our wild-man! I think he learned 3-4 new words while we were gone...I continue to be amazed at how fast Peyton learns & grows. 
Our second mountain trip -
Whitewater Falls, NC
Enjoying our hike together!
Delicious Dinner at The Orchard in Cashiers, NC                      

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Starting!!!

I got to kick-off my summer break with a weekend with my big sister & her precious family!!! It was just how this girl wanted to begin her break!!!  Of course, there were many hugs & kisses to my precious kindergarteners, but I am thankful to have time off. 
Phil, Nancy, & Carter made the long drive from Kentucky to Royston, Georgia late Friday night & stayed until Monday morning.  We had the BEST time - big boys played golf while we took the little boys to the park, outlet shopping, yummy meals out (& a delicious home-cooked meal...I have to say so myself), naps, movies, & late-night talks.  The boys loved playing together, which was really their first time acknowledging one another as playmates (Carter & Peyton are 7 months apart).  Here are a few of the special memories -
Peyton & Carter posing after church!
Peyton & Me, Nancy & Carter
Thank you, Boatmans, for making the trip! We loved every minute together.  It was a great way to begin my summer.
NOLAN NEWS: I PASSED MY GLUCOSE TEST!  I had gestational diabetes with Peyton, & there is a 90% chance you will get it with another pregnancy.  Due to being high-risk & on certain medicines, all odds are against me.  But, I PASSED! I am so thankful that I don't need to go through this process again.  We had a 3-D ultrasound & I think Nolan favors Jonathan.  He is thrilled because Peyton is all me!!! (Ask my mother!)
Prayers to you & your family!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Mother's Day

I think I enjoy Mother's Day more than birthday's.  If you know me, this is a BIG deal because I LOVE celebrating my birthday, along with those I love.  I love Mother's Day so much, because it's a celebration of the one who gave much to me (Thank You, Mom!!) & to give that love in return to those I love soooo much.  You cannot prepare anyone for the amount of love you have for your children.  I asked my dear friend Beth, "Do you really love your second baby as much as the first? I don't know how much more love I have in me?"  And I LOVE Beth's answer, "Your love just grows more & more..." I loved sitting in church & seeing all the photos of the Moms in the church (we had a slide show), hear Jonathan preach from 1 John 5:1-5, "Take Love," & recognize the women who are our "Unsung Heros," our nursery workers.
I wasn't sure if Jonathan had plans for today... I'm learning he works well under crunch time.  The morning began with my favorite sweet cereal (which we never buy because I don't need to eat it), Lucky Charms & coffee, served on our china.  I got to open a new pair of shoes.  For lunch - steak, sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, & a salad (No sweet for diabetes test is coming up).  Thank you, Jonathan for making today extra-special.  Here are a few pictures -
Showing off my new shoes!
After church...Peyton always makes his Mama laugh!
THANK YOU for the prayers this week.  Peyton made it through his surgery, although it's been a rough recovery.  As of Friday, I DO have a job, but several wonderful Franklin County teachers lost there jobs.  It is just a terrible financial situation for education in Franklin County.  But, thank you.  Thank you for your encouraging comments, Facebook messages, emails, phone calls, etc.  God carried The Barlow Bunch through the week.
Have a special Mother's Day - whether you are celebrating your mother or being spoiled by your children!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Surgery, School, & Spring

I feel bad that lately I am only writing asking for prayers... this week is another big week in the Barlow home - 
Peyton will have surgery on Wednesday for tubes being put in & adenoids taken out.  I know it's a routine surgery, but it's Peyton's (& mama's first watching her baby).  I'm not worried about the doctor's but the effects after the surgery.  Please pray for the doctors & Peyton. 
Our P-Man (JB's nickname for our boy)
We find out Thursday if they are closing my school.  We will find out May 18th if I have a job...although things change daily.  I'm really proud of my husband - he led a community wide prayer vigil today, prayer walk yesterday, & wrote a letter to the Board of Education & local paper.  I am anxiously waiting the news & trying to be positive to my Kindergarten students at the same time.  I want their school year to end well.  They truly are one of the best groups of children.  
Needless to say, I didn't sleep last night.  This isn't good for Nolan or me.  My mom came this weekend.  It's amazing how God works in mysterious ways.  Mom went grocery shopping for me, cleaned for me, shopped with me, helped run the Spring Shindig, & spoiled Peyton with her time & love.  I was able to let my guard down & relax about this week. 
The Three Musketeers: Alera, Peyton, & Georgia 

Can you tell Mom & I are laughing at Peyton? 
Happy Spring from one mama to another!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Super Saturday!

Thank you friends & family for your sweet emails, texts, phone calls, Facebook messages, etc. concerning my last blog entry.  A quick update -
1. I finished the Vanilla Wafers (Nolan LOVED them!) ... haha ... really - Peyton has had a much better week ... we all just had a weak moment last Monday.  He also is getting tubes in his ears & adenoids removed next week, & I believe this will help.  Big prayers for his first surgery!
2. The Board of Education met last night & there is a good chance my school will be closing.  We will have several meetings leading up to the final decision.  We all have heavy hearts.  This affects many, many lives in Franklin County.  Please pray...

Thankfully,  Saturday was such a wonderful day.  I needed it more than anything.  Peyton & I went to Elizabeth Thrashers 1st birthday party & had a blast.  Our boy is a social butterfly & doesn't know a stranger.  It's a matter if Mama can keep up with him.  After the party, Jonathan & I took Peyton to the Atlanta Zoo (We got FREE tickets!!!).  He LOVED it.  He loved all the animals he could find, but especially the Pandas, Warthogs, & Giraffes.  It's amazing how much joy your children can bring to you. Here are a few pictures -
Peyton did NOT want to smile ... he wanted to look at the elephants!
Peyton & Papa ... again, Peyton was fascinated!
Posing in front of panda exhibit 
What is neat about the picture above is that the pandas are from Chengdu, China.  Two years ago, Jonathan traveled to Chengdu, China for mission work, but also saw the pandas!

It was a wonderful day!

On Monday, I went for a doctor's appointment for Nolan.  He & I are both healthy & doing well.  Thank you, God!  In the midst of the unknown, I am so thankful to continue to have a growing, healthy baby boy.  Prayers to you & yours this week!