Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Cute Sayings, Boatman's visit, & Throw-Up...

Kids say the cutest things, don't they?  I try to write in a one-sentence journal on a daily basis, & want to remember this one -
Grandmama got Peyton a book, God Gave Us Easter, & we are reading it nightly (because he loves it!).  Peyton is learning about the true meaning of Easter.  Last night, I was singing "Jesus loves me"to Nolan & Peyton spoke up & said, "Jesus died."  I couldn't help but start laughing, & finally managed to respond to Peyton.
This past weekend, the stomach bug hit the Barlow home, along with the Boatman's visiting from Kentucky (yes - in the midst of sickness).  My poor husband - Jonathan cleaned up so much throw-up between Peyton & me.  His sermon topic was on humility, & he truly experienced it over the weekend!
We watched a lot of basketball & Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  Peyton & I managed to improve enough to take the boys to the park -

Nancy & Carter, Nolan, Peyton, & Me
Special memories even in the midst of sickness...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Nolan growing & cherished friendships!

Our March has begun with a bang! Nolan turned 7 months!!!  Nolan loves sweet potatoes & pears.  He is sitting up, but not begun to crawl.  He has travelled well the past two trips, so I'm hoping his hate toward the carseat is over.  Now, he is our HAPPY baby - always smiling & laid-back!
Nolan 7 months 
Nolan's best buddy is Braz Adams, who is only 3 weeks older.  It has been so much fun watching these boys grow.  We try to have play dates when we can, so for his seven month birthday, Braz happened to come for a visit!  Aren't the boys adorable? 
Nolan & Braz - 3 weeks apart! 
Shellei & Braz, Nolan & me
This weekend, we went to visit the Sextons in North Carolina.  We had a blast - playing & sharing meals together.  Noah & Eliza Sexton are both about 6 months older than my children - perfect playmates.  Beth & I got to catch up & have many long conversations, a much-needed weekend after a rough work week.  Here are some highlights - 
This picture cracks me up of the boys - Peyton & Noah! They loved riding Noah's motorcycle together! 
Peyton & Noah riding a motorcycle 
Nolan & Eliza relaxing at the park! 
Beth & me
Jonathan & I have been so blessed with life-long friends.  I cherish my time away from the "to-do" list, & a chance to catch up with dear friends.  This weekend was just what I needed for the week ahead!  Thank you Sextons for a wonderful weekend!
The whole gang!