Saturday, January 28, 2012

What I'm Lovin' this Saturday Morning!

Being a full-time working mommy, I cherish Saturday mornings (even MORE than before Peyton)! There are so many things I love about Saturday mornings -

1. Sleeping until Peyton wakes up (instead of my 5:15 am alarm)
2. Snuggling with my husband...if Peyton allows...
3. Cooking breakfast - pancakes are my favorite! (my husband always cleans up!!!)
4. Sipping on coffee & watching the Today show (my absolute favorite TV show...yes, I do DVR it during the week & watch if time allows) 
5. Playing with Peyton in his tent with all his toys (& not worrying about dinner, meetings, bath time, etc)

This Saturday is extra-special because my parents are here! Mom & Dad got in late last night & plan to stay until Monday.  We plan to shop (while the guys golf), enjoy a big church celebration tomorrow, & Jonathan & I are going on a long overdue date tonight (& have FREE baby-sitters). 

Peyton loves Mama's pancakes!

Peyton & Grandmama Fraley

These are the little things that I LOVE about life - moments at home with family, feeling relaxed & rested.  What do you love on Saturday mornings? Have a blessed Saturday! Much Love...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

California Love

We are back safe, sound, & sick!  Peyton & I had a blast visiting the Jacobs family in San Diego, California.  It was one of the BEST weekends I've had in a long time (minus missing Jonathan in GA)!!! Desiree & I picked off right where we left off two & half years ago... the last time we saw one another.  We talked late into the night & didn't stop until early Monday morning, the boys loved playing together, & Jesse allowed us to have tons of girl time! Our highlights -
Dez & Susan (posing in front of her adorable home)
Peyton & Luke - new best friends! Shopping with their Mama's
Coronado Island, CA...beautiful!!! 
San Diego Zoo: Peyton loved the giraffes! 
As you can see from the pictures, we went to the beach, the zoo, & the fabulous CA shops.  It was truly a memorable trip.  Thank you Jacobs family for opening your home.  We love y'all!  

Thursday, January 12, 2012

San Diego Bound!!!

What, you might be saying? In the middle of January? During the work week? YES - Peyton & I are headed to San Diego, California to visit with one of my best friends, Desiree Jacobs & her family, Jesse & Luke!!! Thank you to my Mom & Dad for helping with my plane ticket & my 91 year-old Grandmother for spending money!
Dez & I have been friends since Summer 2003.  I spent a summer working with her at LaJolla Presbyterian Church as children ministry interns.  We did it ALL that summer - weekend in San Fransisco, a day at Disneyland, many trips to the beach, a day trip to Mexico, etc.! We have been prayer partners, bridesmaids in each others weddings, shared the joy of our first born baby boys, birthdays/anniversary's/& special life moments shared together.  God is so good to give me a life-long friend in Desiree.
So, our bags our packed, my nails are drying, bed will come early tonight because Peyton & I are flying across country tomorrow! YEAH!!!
Dez's Wedding (in gown & I'm far right!) Jan. 2007

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy 2012!

Meeting youth from our church in Atlanta 
Happy New Year to your family from the Barlow Bunch!!! I can't believe another Christmas season, New Years celebration, bowl games with junk food, sleeping in (as late as Peyton let's me), & days off are over.     As I look forward, I'm excited & anticipate what's ahead in 2012.
How did you & your family ring in the New Year? First, we got together with good friends, the Hollands & Thrashers, who also have little ones.  We met at 4:00...haha...the days of going out late are over.  We enjoyed catching up, watching football, & seeing our little ones make memories. I have to share with you a series of's impossible to get little ones to sit still!!!
Peyton, Alera, Georgia (she's done taking pics!), & Elizabeth
Peyton about to attack the girls! Alera & Elizabeth trying to smile!

We ended the night with our friends, Blake & Shellei, who stopped by to watch another bowl game.  It was a low-key night, but fun with friends. 
 I enjoyed my last few days off seeing friends, getting doctor's appointments out of the way, & attempting crafts with Peyton.  Instead of refrigerator art, the work ended up on us & the table!  May we all look ahead to the new year.  Be blessed! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Post-Christmas (part 2)

Like most of you, we had so many fun events this December, that I must do a second blog on Christmas...
Since my family is from Kentucky & Jonathan's is from Mississippi/Florida, we can not do the "eat 5 Christmas dinners in 2 days, swap gifts with all our cousins, drive from town to town."  Instead, we made a decision while engaged to swap our Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday's between the Barlow & Fraley households.  We do miss the other family, but enjoy quality time with one family for several days.  For Christmas 2011, we spent it with the Barlow's in Destin, Florida.  We had a blast - our gift exchange, delicious Christmas dinner (my MIL even made my FAVORITE - strawberry pretzel salad), mani/pedi's for the girls, golf for the guys, after-Christmas shopping, & a run on the beach! We loved every minute!
Lele, Peyton & Me, Aunt Amanda & Hayes
Cousin Lele showing off her new dress!
Jonathan & Hayes
Peyton would rather play with wrapping, than his toys!
We have sweet memories of Christmas 2011.  I will hold tightly to the memories, as I am sad to return to work this week, but know our "routine" will be good for all. 
May we all cherish our happy memories of 2011 & look positively at the year ahead of us.