Monday, June 20, 2011

Our Papa!

Papa & Peyton on Father's Day
I am a day late in honoring Jonathan...but, let's just say we are still celebrating Father's Day in the Barlow household! I didn't make a video (like he did for me), as I don't think I've have the first idea on how to create a video!
Daily, I continue to learn that parenting is a joint effort! I admire single parents more & more, because I can't imagine not having Jonathan help me raise Peyton.  I believe through parents you can see even more evidence of your spouses strengths (& your own weaknesses).  It never fails that Jonathan always makes Peyton laugh with a smile from ear to ear.  Jonathan remains calm in all situations, even when Peyton is running a 103 temperature (last week!) or when he decides to throw a temper tantrum (yes - these have begun).  Jonathan & Peyton have already begun to throw "soft" balls with one another, as I can see many ballgames in our future.  The responsibility of a father being a positive role model for his son is great, & I believe Jonathan has done exceptional well.  I am proud to call him my husband & Peyton's Papa! We love you Papa!
Jonathan & Peyton at the hospital

Peyton's first Sunday to church 
This Summer! 
A gift we received was the book, Father to Son Life Lessons on Raising a Boy by Harry H. Harrison, Jr. & he states what he believes is The Five Keys:
1. Be Around.
2. Be his Father, not his friend.  If you don't understand the difference, imagine his confusion when you must discipline him.
3. Be a good husband.  Show his mom respect at all times.
4. Be home for dinner.
5. Be his hero.

I just love this little book & see evidence of all 5 in Jonathan! Thank you!

(I'd recommend this book as a gift to anyone that might be expecting a baby boy!)

Happy Father's Day to all Fathers!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our June has been full of celebrations!  We have been able to celebrate two weddings. The first was for our dear friends Drew & Lindsay.  I am proud to say that we set them up on a blind date & it worked! Drew & Lindsay are the only couple I have set up on a blind date (I went on a few bad blind dates, so I've always been hesitant!)  We were honored to be a part of their special day & celebrate with them! Highlights of the wedding - worshipping with Drew & Lindsay, listening to their toasts during the rehearsal dinner, a mini-Atlanta reunion, surviving leaving Peyton over-night for the first time (Thank you Grandmama!)!

Drew & Lindsay's Rehearsal Dinner 
The Happy Couple: Drew & Lindsay! 
Jonathan's Youth from Atlanta (& Margie)

Posing with Sarah at the Rehearsal 
The second wedding was for my cousin, Rachel.  Peyton & I had our first road trip without Papa! I was a nervous wreck, but Peyton slept the entire drive to Auburn, AL. We squeezed in a hotel room with my parents & Anna.  Our families/cousins/aunts & uncles live miles away from one another, so most recently our weddings are a chance to catch up.  It was so much fun to show off Peyton & Carter (Nancy & Phil's son) to the family, laugh late at night, celebrate with Rachel, & eat yummy wedding cake! Many memories!!!
Nancy, Anna, Beautiful Bride: Rachel, & Me
Peyton & Carter 
Grandmama with her boys (She bought the outfits!)
Many more June events & blogs coming soon (I'm behind!) ....