Friday, September 30, 2011

St. Simons Island

St. Simons Island, GA   
This past weekend, we traveled to St. Simons Island, GA for a preaching conference.  The trip was booked before I started working, & was encouraged to still attend after taking my new job. Jonathan was able to hear some wonderful preachers.  Peyton & I took long walks on the beach, played in the baby pool (which I LOVE these days), took long naps, & enjoyed window shopping. This mini-vacation was just what I needed - time to spend with my baby, time to worship God through nature, time to catch up with old friends, & time to have quality conversations with Jonathan.  It was wonderful!!!
Peyton in the pool

Enjoying seafood with McAfee Alumni
I am falling in love with St. Simons Island - the beach, the bike trails, the restaurants, the shops, etc.  I already look forward to next years trip! I hope you find ways to relax this weekend & enjoy your family!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Perfect Day...

Today has been wonderful! Peyton & I got to cheer on Jonathan in his 1st Olympic Triathlon at Tugoloo State Park.  Jonathan's goal was to complete the swim/bike/run under 3:00 hours, & he did it in 2:49!  It was such a beautiful morning & we loved every minute of it (Peyton didn't mind being in the stroller for 2.5 hours....a mommy's concern)! We rode with our dear friends, Misty & Alera Holland, cheering on their husband/daddy, Eddie.  Next years event is already on the calendar!
Then, we went to Georgia Thrasher's 2nd birthday party.  We were late, but loved our visit with Jordan, Meredith, Georgia, & Elizabeth.
I think Jonathan was thrilled with his success, he let me go shopping! I was able to get things for our upcoming beach trip, shoes for Peyton, & fall decor.  We are now relaxing on the couch, watching college football.
A perfect day for me - time with family, time outside, visiting with friends, shopping (under no pressure to look for specifics), & eating ice cream on the couch (what I am currently doing). 
It's days like today that get us through the difficult ones. I hope you have had a "perfect Saturday."
Jonathan on his last event!

Alera & Peyton cheering their daddy's!

Tyler, Eddie, & Jonathan

The Barlow Bunch
(I forgot my camera battery, therefore, these pictures are from my phone...I was mad at myself!)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Frazzled Female

The title of the blog has two meanings in my life -
1. I believe since started back to full-time work, as Mommy, I am a frazzled female...
2. I have the honor of leading a group of women in the Royston community through The Frazzled Female Bible Study by Cindi Wood.

This past week has been tough in the Barlow household - early mornings, late nights, few hours as a family, too many items on the "to-do" list, difficult conversations...  But, the highlight of my week was the Wednesday night Bible study.  I was asked to lead in the Spring, & I said "no" due to new town, new home, new baby, new job.... This fall, I felt lead to lead the women's study.   As I anticipated the introductory lesson, my prayer was for God to be present, & I was overwhelmed with answered prayers.  My prayer for the women in the study is the subtitle, "Finding Peace in the Midst of Daily Life."  It is a wonderful study (I have done it before) & highly suggest it to anyone! Here is the link to the website -
Check it out if you are interested!

Tonight at church we sang the hymn, "Higher Ground."  The words reminded me that God is present is ALL we say & do.  May we all see that we are on higher ground this week.

I’m pressing on the upward way,
New heights I’m gaining every day;Still praying as I’m onward bound,“Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.”
  • Refrain:
    Lord, lift me up and let me stand,
    By faith, on Heaven’s tableland,
    A higher plane than I have found;
    Lord, plant my feet on higher ground.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Peyton's Party!

The big weekend has come & gone...we celebrated Peyton's birthday! We were lucky to have Nana & Papa Rusty come from Fl, Uncle Jeremy & Lele from Ms, Grandmama & Grandaddy from Ky, & Uncle Phil, Aunt Nancy, & Carter from Ky.  I had spent many hours planning his party & anticipating this event.  Late Friday night, it hit me...this party is not for Peyton, but for Jonathan & me.  We were grateful for those that attended, as they all have impacted our lives this past year. As I've posted before, birthday's are important to me, as it's the ONE day of the year to make your loved ones feel extra-special.

Some of my favorite moments captured on the camera -

Grandmama feeding Peyton ice cream! 

Peyton loving the tractor!

Lauren, Peyton, & Me
Can you see Peyton's smocked farm outfit?
Notice the photo banner! (Thanks Codye!)

Enjoying "Pigs in a Blanket"

Centerpieces: Notice Peyton's "farm" Pictures in Jars

Cupcakes, Favors (Animal CDs), & Baby Book! 

"Farm Food" 
Once I decided on Peyton's party theme, I had so much fun planning around the theme.  For our food: Pigs in a Blanket (grilled hot dogs), a Vegetable Patch (veggies & dip), Slop (slaw), Straw (slaw), Farmer's Favorite (watermelon), Doggies Treats (cupcakes & ice cream), & a full trough (drinks).  The silverware was wrapped in bandanas.  You can see the centerpieces in mason jars.  For our favors, we burned Peyton's favorite animal CD, wrapped in brown bags with farm stickers & a farm picture of Peyton. We had straw, tractors, red wagons (full of gifts!), Scarecrow Sally, balloons, etc.  I handmade banners with die-cut farm paper.  My favorite - a photo banner of Peyton's monthly growth.  It's amazing how fast they grow!

I do hope Peyton felt loved & special! Thank you to all who attended his party.  I look forward to many more birthday parties! Our boy is growing up!

May you experience much love from those closest to you!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Peyton Turns 1!

(Jonathan posting here)
Yesterday was Peyton's 1st and Golden Birthday all wrapped up in one!  Family is traveling currently to come and share in the excitement of the little mans big day.  But yesterday was the day... so here are some of the photos of the day!

 Peyton's First Cookie!  He Loved Both of Them!
 Peyton and his friends at daycare!  Everyone was glad to be celebrating and getting to eat cookies!
 Peyton at home about to open all his presents! (Although Mom did most of the unwrapping!)
 Enjoying his new tractor!  He loved it!  Good choice Mom!
Eating his birthday dinner!  This was his first time to have pizza and he loved it!  He also loved the ice cream, avocado, yogurt!  (All of his favorites)
More photos to come as the weekend unfolds!  The birthday celebration has just begun!  Peyton says, "Thank you to all of you who have text messaged, Facebook posted, called, sang happy birthday, sent cards and gifts!  I felt sooooo special!"