Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What makes you happy?

We just returned from a weekend get-away to Gatlinburg.  We had a wonderful weekend with 14 friends, all staying under the same roof.  I was nervous about Peyton being around so many adults for an extended period of time, but he did great (& our friends loved on him)! Peyton had so much fun that when we put him down for a nap at 5:00 Saturday night, he slept until 7:30am Sunday morning...he was exhausted!
JB & Peyton on the hike
Gatlinburg Girls
I've noticed that I've had the "work week" blah's...I have NOT wanted to go to work, I have NOT wanted to work on my resume & cover letter (again!), I have NOT wanted to think about my next career move.  My heart is just not there & I am tried of change.  God has been so good to us this past year, but I am ready to be settled.  I'm ready to know my permanent work position & hours.  (although - I am very grateful for my job!)
I read in Real Simple magazine, "What is one thing that always makes you happy?" Readers responded - their dogs, a movie, favorite pj's, etc. To read the article:

So, to put me in a better mood each morning, I've thought of one thing that always makes me happy:
fresh lemon in my water or sweet tea 
hearing Peyton's laugh
tanning by a pool 
sunsets on the beach, at Lake Martin, anywhere...
hiking with Jonathan 
Reading a good book!
It's only Wednesday night, so these are the things I've been reminded of this week.  When you're dreading the work day or worked long hours, what's one thing that makes you happy?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fraley Family Madness!

The Madness is ON! Healthy competition between the Fraley girls & spouses has begun! March Basketball is our favorite time of year between the couples.  Phil is a die-hard Kansas fan (an alumni), Mark played for Pittsburgh, JB LOVES all sports (Ole Miss fan at heart...Go NIT!), & we love KY! Go Big Blue! (NO - I haven't become a Georgia bulldogs)
JB, Phil, & Mark...before March Madness

For the past few years, Jonathan & I create a bracket & see who will win.  The winner gets a date of their choice.  Instead of just competing against one another, we have extended it to all Fraley sisters & spouses. I'm soooo excited!!!
Nancy organized a Fraley family group this year. We have entered our brackets & it's ON! Being that I'm the least knowledgeable of basketball...I am the least likely to win...but, sports center has been on in the background...
Peyton is ready to play!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Making Memories!

Visiting with Sarah 
Visiting with Auntie Anna

Visiting the Prices & Baby Hayes!
We have made some wonderful memories with family & friends the past few weeks! Thank you to Sarah & Anna for coming to visit us in Royston. Sarah brought me my favorite "trash" reading - US weekly... while in Atlanta, Sarah would always bring me these magazines to read. We walked, played with Peyton, ate lunch at the famous "Royston Grill," & talked nonstop.  Anna was a last minute visit & the visit was such a blessing of time! Leave it to Anna for find a new restaurant for us to try - Weaver D's in Athens...yummy! She was a huge help with Peyton - with his professional 6 month pictures, bath time, getting ready for church, etc.  We loved every minute!
This weekend we made the trip to Brandon, MS to meet our new nephew, William Hayes.  He is precious! Putting Peyton next to Hayes, I realized how BIG Peyton is getting! Seeing a newborn brought back so many special memories of the past six months.  I look forward to these boys growing up together...holidays will never be the same!
Proud Uncle Jonathan with Peyton, Aunt Amanda & Hayes

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

6 and counting...

Peyton turned six months yesterday! I can't believe how fast time flies! Our precious Peyton has been with us for 1/2 a year....& the things I have learned in 6 months!
Peyton 6 months old!
6 Things I have learned about being a Mommy...
6. Mylicon became my new best friend! Peyton has acid reflux & being a new parent you learn as you go! Thankfully, we learned about Mylicon when Peyton was only 2 weeks old.  For my friends & sister expecting - have it on hand...just in case!
5. Baby weight does take time to come off! I've completed the 60-day Insanity workout program with Jonathan, run 3-4 days a week (thank you Billie Jean & Deborah!!!), watched my calories (although I can't count due to supplying food to Peyton), keeping a daily food log, etc.  Those 6-7 pounds are NOT coming off! The saying seems to be true - 9 months on...9 months off.
4. Baby Food: There is not a clear cut answer on when to begin, what to begin with, or to make or buy.  Thankfully, my long-time friend, Beth & my new Roystonian friend, Misty have given me lots of advice! So - ask a friend, ask your mother, ask your pediatrician to get the best advice. 
Peyton's first time eating carrots!

3. Begin Pumping Early & SAVE, SAVE, SAVE! Need I say more?
2. My house can't stay sparkling clean anymore!  I've decided that it's more important to spend quality time with Peyton than to have the cleanest bathrooms on the block.  Therefore, I am trying to let go of my idea of a "perfectly" clean home.  I've become a pro at multi-tasking in front of the TV, using nap times to clean, & to put Peyton in the Bumbo while in the kitchen. It's OK  if the floors are swept every other day, rather than daily!
1. I couldn't imagine doing this parent job alone! I have a new admiration those singe parents that do raise babies. Jonathan - thank you! Thank you for your endless help with raising our son.  Thank you for being an honorable father figure to Peyton.  Thank you for complimenting my strengths & weaknesses in parenting. The past 6 months have been a team effort!
Peyton's first baseball game! 

3 weeks away from Peyton's arrival! I love you JB!

Peyton - I love you with all my heart! Thank you family & friends for ALL your encouragement & support these 6 months! We love you!