Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Winter Break!

You might be asking, "Winter Break?" YES - Franklin County has a week-long winter break, & I loved the much needed break.  I loved every minute with my boys!  I did go to school, meet with friends, go to doctor's appointments, & take a trip to Mississippi.  
The week started off with my Mom & sister, Anna, visiting! They came to meet my 5th graders & bring the boys.  The class loved Peyton & Nolan! We ate at our favorite - 211 restaurant, cheer on Jonathan in a race, shop with Anna, & enjoy time relaxing at home.   
Cheering on Jonathan at his race!
Jonathan was 1st in his age division & 2nd overall! 
It is always special to get to worship with our families when they come to visit.  Auntie Anna wanted a picture with the boys - we took about 10 & got 1 good one - it's almost impossible with both boys!!!
Auntie Anna & the boys before church! 

Grandmama & boys
I was determined to put down my "to-do" list on Wednesday & PLAY all day with Peyton & Nolan (& even nap when they napped)! Peyton & I painted, watched a Mickey Mouse (his favorite at the moment), put together puzzles, played with trucks, trains, planes, & cars (he loves anything that moves), & read many books. 
Our artist - Peyton painting
We ended the winter break by traveling to Brandon, Mississippi to celebrate our nephew, Hayes, 2nd birthday! The boys did wonderful in the car - thank goodness (Nolan's best trip yet!).  They LOVED their "cousin time" with Lele & Hayes.  You even see Nolan wishing he could run around with them.   It was so much fun to watch the cousins play, laugh, & even have trouble sharing at times...all valuable learning experiences.  We had the best time - Amanda & Seth made a delicious lunch & dinner for us, along with a fun "car-themed" birthday party.  Needless to say - both boys took long naps on the way home.  
Playing with Hayes in Mississippi 

The boys loved playing with the balloons! 
Loved time with Amanda! 
It was back to work Monday morning, but sweet, sweet memories from my break! 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Hearts Day from the Barlow Bunch!

Happy Valentine's Day!!! We hope that tomorrow you feel loved, extra-special, & eat some chocolate!!! I asked Jonathan to take some pictures of the boys before their Valentine's party at the sitter.  I think they are hilarious.  Here are a few -
One of the first of many photos! (Nolan hates the camera flash!) 
Nolan (6 months) & Peyton (2 1/2)

Derby wanted to be in the picture! 
They've taken enough pictures! 
We are all getting adjusted to my new job - less home-cooked meals at the moment, working longer hours, & hiring a house cleaner (YES I admit it - but I am LOVING it!).  I am enjoying getting to teach all day & the independence of 5th graders.  My 3 minute commute is wonderful!  My boys do not know anything has changed...thank goodness.  My husband has been a rockstar - extra cooking & cleaning, picking up the boys on the long days, & supporting me when I pull the books out at 9:00pm (because I refuse to work while the boys are awake)!  I feel so loved, & I hope you do too!  Happy Valentine's Day!