Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Sneak Preview of Peyton's 1st birthday!

Peyton on the tractor!
Peyton with Kristen's goats!
If you remember from a few blogs ago, I LOVE birthdays! Therefore, the planning is in full-swing for Peyton's first birthday on Sept. 1st! I have decided to do a "farm animal" theme. Why? Two reasons - 1. The only books he loves to read over & over are farm animal books 2. We have moved to the country!

I've gotten many great ideas from friends, the internet, & even weddings! Recently, I attended my cousins wedding (Thank you, Rachel!) & she had burned CD's with a picture on the front cover...I loved it! So, we are burning Peyton's favorite animal CD & putting these pictures on the front...aren't they adorable? Our friend & one of Peyton's many sitter's, Kristen took these pictures with her animals & fancy camera. (I think she needs to beginning a photography business.  Don't you agree?)  Many more pictures to come...

Papa Rusty & Nana Barlow are here for the weekend...more about their visit in another blog!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I need YOUR help!

Student Teacher, Ansley & her daughter Rose
This blog post is not filled with pictures of Peyton or adventures with family, but instead, deals with a more personal matter.  Since moving to Royston, GA, I have been looking for permenant (hopefully part-time) work.  The pastor search committee told us in the early stages of interviews that teaching jobs were not available.  In my head, I was thinking, "Yeah, right...I'll be fine."  Well, they were right! I was fortunate to have a part-time special education position this spring.  I LOVED my school, the co-workers, & most importantly, the students.  Unfortunately, it was temporary. 
Since May, I have actively been looking for a job! Since I also have a Masters of Divinity, I have been "thinking outside the box," & looking at non-profit work.  I'm stuck!
Here's where you come in - any ideas? suggestions where to apply? websites to check out? I'll admit - I am not the best at "searching the web," so I thought my blogger friends & followers could possibly think of something I have missed. Please leave a blog comment, email, text, or call me!  I've looking at all possibilities!

"Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens & the earth by your great power & outstretched arm.  Nothing is too hard for you." Jeremiah 32:17 
My verse that I have had to remind myself on a daily might also uplift you! 

2009-2010 3rd grade Class

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Fun with Family!

Carter & Peyton
This summer has not only been filled with our own travels, but also hosting friends & family in our home.  Jonathan & I LOVE having people in our home.  We decided while dating that we always wanting to have an "open door policy."  I have "lightened up" on the spotless home & gourmet meals since our first year of marriage, but always find overnight company as an excuse to clean & cook new recipes.
This week my sister, Nancy, my nephew, Carter, & my mother drove from KY to spend time with us! Highlights of the week - watching Peyton try to "play" with Carter, Carter squealing on the play yard,  lunch at 211 Main Street (my favorite!), Bible Study with Jonathan leading on Wednesday night, a "girls night" with Nancy in Athens, GA, looking at old family pictures... Thank you Mom & Nancy for making the drive to Royston!
Grandmama reading to the boys!
Carter & Peyton - notice cute oneies! Thanks Aunt Nancy! 

I am so grateful for family & friends! Know you are welcome to visit Royston, Georgia anytime! After all, our door is always open!

Papa & Peyton - ALL toys out!
PS - I had to attach a picture I took from this morning...what the boys are up too while Mama works out

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

Happy 10 month birthday, Peyton!
Jonathan, Peyton, & I are home from our whirlwind of travels.  We LOVED all friends & family we have visited, but it is nice to have a lazy Saturday morning making pancakes, sipping on coffee, & watching the Today show (my favorite). 
Our most recent trip was to visit my family for July 4th.  We maximized the short time we had together - cook-outs, running the Bluegrass 10K, shopping for the babies, & simply enjoying time together.  Thank you to my sisters for making trips to Georgetown & my college friends for dropping other events to see me!  It was a wonderful visit - on of the best 4ths I've spent in a long time. 
After the race!
After the race!
Now, for fun the Fraley family runs! Phil & Jonathan had a goal to run the race in 45 minutes! They did it in 44 minutes - if you're not a runner - that's FAST!  Anna & I had our own goal - to complete the race under an hour.  It's a humbling experience for me, after having a baby & a sprained ankle, I'm just not as fast as I have been.  But, we met our goal & ran the race in 57 min.!
Noah & Peyton
Jeremy, Beth, & Noah with the Barlows
Jeremy, Beth, Noah, & Baby Sexton spent the evening of the 4th with us! They are about to move to NC - yeah to Jeremy for getting a job! It was bittersweet to see them in KY.  The next time the boys will play (& yes - Peyton has a new best friend, Noah!) will be in NC.  We love you, Sextons!

I hope you had a special 4th of July - celebrating in your own way!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


I love birthdays! I love birthdays, because it's the one day a person can truly feel loved.  As a child, my parents & sisters always made birthdays extra-special. We'd always got sung "Happy Birthday" several MANY times, picked our own "birthday dinner," had our favorite homemade dessert, & received many, many cards & well-wishes.  It was not about the presents (Although I did & do love presents!), but about the way I felt so special.  
As I continue to get older & as my family expands, not only do I love celebrating my birthday, but others. I make Jonathan's birthday a BIG deal - numerous celebrations including friends & family.  I have already started planning Peyton's first birthday (& I'm so excited).
My birthday with Jonathan & Peyton
My birthday month, June, is over!  I think this was one of the BEST birthdays! It was amazing that the best gift for me was spending time with friends & family.  I got to do some of my favorite things - walk in the park, go to the pool, grill out, have homemade birthday cake, spend all day with my family, sit outside on our porch with friends...a perfect day in my eyes.  I loved every minute!
Mom & Me 
Celebrating with Blake & Shellei 
Make someone's birthday special - make a phone call, send a facebook message, mail a doesn't have to be much, but it will make the person feel so loved! THANK YOU to ALL who my birthday month wonderful!