Monday, September 16, 2013

Peyton's Broken Bone & Birthday!

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, a member of my church, a close-knit family member (or in-law), work with me, or a dear friend, you know about Peyton's accident.   I could not bring myself to write about it until now - two weeks ago (tomorrow).   There have been many rumors of how he broke his femur - but, it was simple - running, jumping, being ALL BOY at the sitter, falling & landing the wrong way.  My babysitter did everything right - called Jonathan, calmed Peyton down, & hoped it was nothing serious.  Jonathan assessed the scene, called me, & we headed to Athens.  After X-Rays, consultation with the surgeon, surgery, we finally headed home in a spica (full-body) cast late Tuesday night.  There have been moments of frustration - when he asks to ride his new birthday bike or the fact that he was FINALLY potty-trained & now back in diapers, but also sweet family moments - especially with Nana Barlow & Grandmama Fraley.  There have been moments of tears - when he was screaming out on pain, & moments of joy - knowing this too will pass.  

Peyton in his cast on a wagon ride 
Peyton playing in "his" chair 
Peyton's first follow-up doctor's appointment 
Before the accident, Peyton celebrated his third birthday - we ate pancakes before church, pizza & brownies for lunch, & went to see the movie, Planes.  It was a day of celebrating! 
Peyton's birthday present - a balance bike! 
Thank you again - for praying for my first-born, Peyton.  Thank you for your calls, texts, Facebook messages, cards, & care packages.  Peyton has an amazing attitude, which I know is due to prayer & petition.  Peyton's bone is healing, & thankfully this is temporary.