Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Anticipating Easter!

Holidays become more & more fun with children, especially as they begin to understand the purpose.  Last year, Peyton did not understand the holidays, but Jonathan & I loved celebrating with him.  This year, he is beginning to communicate & understand.  This Sunday, our church had an Easter Egg Hunt.  Peyton LOVES being outside, & he is a TRUE boy - getting dirty, running with Derby, & crying when we have to go inside.  Therefore, I knew he'd love running outside to find eggs.  The pictures say it all -
The Barlow Bunch anticipating the hunt!

Showing Peyton what to do during an Easter Egg Hunt

Peyton understands the game now!

Look at him go!

We had the best time & Peyton WON sidewalk chalk (one of his favorite outside toys)! We look forward to celebrating Easter Sunday on April 8th.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Quiet Night...

Jonathan is in Kentucky, scouting out a summer mission trip; Peyton is in bed; we are not watching television for Lent; I am enjoying a rare quiet night in my home.
There are a million things I could be doing...I have been sick all weekend, therefore, my to-do list did not get completed.   I finally caught Jonathan & Peyton's nasty virus which had me in bed all weekend & miss a day of school.  Thankfully, I am on the mend.  Due to not being able to read (a horrible headache) & not watching TV (Lent), I had hours to think & pray.  I love reading my friends (& blog acquaintances that I feel are my friends...haha) "Things They Love" blogs.  Well, I have a LONG list of things I'm thankful for (& for your sake will not mention them all), but here are a few -
1. As hard as it is working full-time, I LOVE my Kindergarteners!!! I never knew I'd love this age group so much! I love tying their shoes, making letters & sounds, reminding them NOT to tattle-tell, creating "their" spelling to words in journals, etc. I love my co-workers & school.  God is good to have placed me in such a good place.
Peyton (orange shirt) in the mob with my Kindergartners 
 2. I love our dog, Derby.  I know there are thousands of other things to be thankful for, but on nights I am alone, I appreciate him even more.  I truly feel safer with Derby guarding the door (although - if you knew my dog, he'd probably wag his tail at alone who tried to break-in)
Derby Barlow 
3. I am so grateful for this book, Jesus Calling  by Sarah Young.  My Sister-In-Law gave it to me for Christmas & I have loved it.  I read it while drying my hair in the mornings (it's hard to find quiet time in my house) & many mornings I have left for work feeling uplifted.  Thank you, Amanda! 

4. I truly am thankful for my friends in Royston, Georgia (I am thankful for ALL my friends - in KY, CA, OH, Atlanta) but this weekend, especially thankful for the wonderful, godly ladies I've met in Royston.  I was worried I'd move to a small town & have no one (let's face it - it's hard making friends as adults).  Thank you for opening your homes & hearts to me.

5. Of course, I am soooo thankful for my boys - Jonathan, Peyton, & Nolan on the way.  I already remind Peyton that,  "...he has to be patient with Mama because I take a much longer time getting ready than he..." He nods, laughs, & runs away.  As you mama's & wives know, there is no one more special in your world that your family.  
Peyton & Papa celebrating! (Peyton's 1st Birthday Party) 
Take a minute & think of what you are thankful for this first day of Spring.  Now, I hope this blog doesn't leave you sick up in bed, but do spend time pondering God's goodness in your life.
Blessings & Much Love!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Baby Boy On The Way!!!

We are almost 1/2 way there - 20 weeks on Friday!  There are many days that I forget I am pregnant! It is true...with your second baby, things are very different.  While pregnant with Peyton, I was extremely sick first trimester, horrible back pain second trimester, gestational diabetes, throwing up... the list could go on in the third trimester.  I worried about everything & had a long list of questions for every doctor's appointments in my little green book.  I gave up caffeine, took the Rx pre-natal vitamins (who knew the over the counter has the same ingredients), did not touch seafood, etc.  The nursery was planned months in advance (although we had no clue where we'd be living).
With baby two, I've felt great with only mild nausea, forgotten to ask questions at the doctor's office, relaxed on the caffeine (no worries...I'm not overdoing it!), given up sweets & on different Rx in hopes I can avoid the diabetes, & only begun brainstorming his nursery.  So, I have to remind myself our second sweet boy is arriving August 3rd!
Have we told you the name?  YES - Jonathan & I have come to agreement on the name!
Nolan Crosby Barlow
Nolan - a name we love (& for Jonathan it is after Nolan Ryan)
Crosby - a Barlow family name 

Our family will be growing in August...I continue to be amazed with God's goodness.  I pray we will be the best possible parents to both Peyton & Nolan. 

Most recent family photo with Nolan on the way! 

One of my favorite family photos pre-Nolan 

We will have our hands full with two Barlow boys! 
Note - I do not take Baby Bump pictures...not really my thing... 

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Beach Bums!

I married into the right in-laws live in Destin, Florida! This past weekend, Jonathan, Peyton, & I traveled to Destin to celebrate my mother-in-laws birthday, run a 1/2 marathon, & enjoy a long weekend with cousins.  Our highlights -
1. Jonathan ran the 1/2 marathon in 1:29!!! He was 1st in his age group & 15th overall! Miss Ophelia finished under 3:00 & did amazingly well! We are so proud of them both!
2. Peyton & Lele LOVED the ocean (& it was freezing)! It was so much fun to watch my toddler squeal at the waves.  They would've stayed outside all day...shivering.
3. Celebrating Miss Ophelia's birthday at our favorite restaurant,  Sticky's.  If you travel to the Destin area, it is a MUST! SOOOO delicious!
4. Catching up with family! We miss seeing siblings, parents, & cousins.  I hope Peyton (& baby boy) really know & love their cousins.  I cherish moments watching the children play together.
It was a great weekend.  Peyton & Jonathan both came home sick - pink eye, sinus infection, & a contagious virus (along with Peyton cutting 4 teeth).  Therefore, I've sanitized the house tonight, hoping I do not get it.
Bath time with the cousins!

Lele & Peyton: You can see their squeals!

This pictures captures Peyton's true joy!

Jonathan & Peyton after the race

The Runners: Jonathan & Ophelia
What special memories!