Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jonathan's Jumping in on this Blog Thing

So, Susan has been diligently writing posts since the beginning of the blog.  I have been quite the slacker so I thought I would give an update about some things that have been fun over the last few months. 

I loved the snow!  Peyton seemed to like it as well!  I wanted to make the best snowman ever and bottom line it was a miserable failure!  (I am truly from Mississippi)
 However, although I am from Mississippi I had never been to a hog killing!  It was something else!  Thank you Mayes for the experience! 

 As gross as the below picture might look, the process was quite fascinating.  I wish that I could have stayed through the entire process... I can't even remember now why I had to leave before the hog became sausage but I am sure that each step was as fascinating as the ones I was able to see.
 I liked this photo because I have just been working out and didn't change or anything, I just started reading to Peyton.  Peyton looks completely uninterested in the book and captivated by what Susan is doing... Oh well!  At least I was trying and I am sure he was taking it all in!
 The last two are from our vacation.  We went to Destin, Fl.  The temperature was cold but as you can see from the photos the beach was gorgeous.  The plan is to visit my parents for the Super Bowl each year so this was the inaugural Barlow Super Bowl weekend!  It was lots of fun and am hopeful that each year is more and more fun!  Keep following the blog and certainly I will have contributed again by that point. 
 Look at how happy Susan looks!  She loves the beach!
  I am loving Royston, loving being a dad, and everything that comes along with it! 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Grandparent Greatness!

It has been too long since I've had a chance to update my family & followers the adventures in the Barlow household.  We have been out of town, busy with work & church, & adjusting to more change...a new sitter for Peyton.  The days have seemed nonstop, but filled with joy & happiness. 
We have had two wonderful trips to see Grandparents.  I am amazed at the love Peyton brings out in Papa Rusty, Nana, Grandaddy, & Grandmama. My heart fills with joy as I see Peyton's grandparents love on him & spoil him!
  Our first trip was the Destin, FL to spend the weekend with the Barlows... a much needed weekend for Jonathan.  Our trip was cut short with a funeral on Friday & Monday, but we loved every minute we had on the beach, eating seafood, going shopping, etc.  I have become a beach snob - loving Destin!!! I love the white sand, blue water, TopSol's (spell?) work-out facility, the restaurants, the outlets, & the best children's consignment store!
Peyton & Nana after bath time - adorable!

Heaven on Earth: My family & the beach! 
Peyton loved the beach so much...he slept!
Our second trip - our first flight to KY to celebrate Carter's April arrival.  Peyton loved the plane so much that he slept through both flights!  Again, a wonderful weekend seeing friends & family.  My mother outdid herself with my favorite foods & I was able to celebrate Barrett McCann's arrival with my college roommate, Codye! It was such a special moment.  I look forward to meeting Carter the next time we visit KY!!!
Visiting Codye & Barrett (One Day Old!)
Baby Carter's Shower: The Hostess & Proud Mama!
As wonderful as the past two weekends have been, I am excited to spend this weekend in Royston! We are going to get to visit with friends, play outside (in the 70 degree weather), clean house, & grocery shop.  I know I'm becoming my mother when I get excited about cleaning our bathrooms & planning our meals!
Thank you Papa Rusty, Nana, Grandaddy, & Grandmama for making the past two weekends extra-special.  You truly are a blessing to Peyton.  Thank you for loving him!!! We love y'all!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Change Is Inevitable!

God is good! I continue to see evidence of God in our home, church, & work places.  We continue to have change in the Barlow household.  I began another part-time job at Carnesville Elementary working with the after-school program.  It was hard to begin this week - leaving Peyton for more work, but it is temporary.  I am thankful for a second opportunity to work at the school. 
Peyton is growing...FAST! It seems I blink & he's learning something new!  A child truly brings so much joy!  Jonathan & I love being new parents - as it's not easy, but so much fun! Our little boy -

Peyton beginning to eat cereal!    

Peyton 5 Months old Feb. 1st!

May you see the goodness of God this weekend.  We are headed to Destin, FL to relax & rest with Papa Rusty & Nana while cheering on the Packers...or the Steelers (Anna & Mark!)!