Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Introducing Nolan's Nursery!

Nolan's Nursery... Many of you have asked to see Nolan's nursery.  We are finally finished with his room & creating a toddler room for Peyton.  I walk in Nolan's room & anticipate his arrival.  Nolan's room is completely different than Peyton (bright, bold, primary colors, & Dr Seuss themed), but we were intentional in making the room different, knowing the boys will be different.

Here is Nolan's crib -

Nolan's bookshelves (Mom & I painted these bookshelves from red to ivory) - 

 Our new glider -
Our new glider!
 We decided to keep a double bed in the room, due to out of town family.  The painting was done by the art teacher at my school.  Eventually, we move the double bed in Peyton's room & the crib under the painting.  This will have to do for two boys under the age of 2!
Double Bed & Painting
We are counting down the days.  Our bags are packed & we are now just waiting! Prayers & words of wisdom have been much appreciated.  Thank you!

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