Thursday, April 26, 2012

Parenting & Prayers

No one tells you how hard parenting can be... your own parents, your best friends, all the books you can read... Monday night was one of those nights for us.  Peyton is an energetic, fun-loving, active, all-BOY toddler.   When he has something on his mind, he doesn't forget it.  Jonathan & I didn't give in, so we saw many tears & angry yelling from our little boy.  I went to bed crying, wondering how parents survive.  It must be the power of prayer - prayers for wisdom, clarity, the presence of the Holy Spirit, a love for Jesus in our little boys' heart, etc.  For new parents, old parents, & in-between - how have you done it? What gets you through those tough days?
My little boy -
Playing with Jonathan's shoes & hats - his favorite toys! 
Moving onto my shoes...
Our wild man playing at Noah's birthday party 
Secondly, we learned on Tuesday that I might not have a job for the 2012-2013 school year.  There are major budget cuts for Franklin County School System & a possibility of my school closing down.  This brings heartache to our school - for those of us who might lose jobs, for those who have taught for years at Carnesville Elementary, & for the friendships formed.  Many tears have been shed this week in the Barlow home - tears with parenting. tears with the unknown, tears for more change before Nolan arrives.  This is life, isn't it?

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nolan's Nursery

We are excited about getting ready for Nolan's arrival - rearranging our guest bedroom, creating Peyton's room as a "toddler" room, cleaning out closets, & creating a space for Nolan that is HIS space.  After many discussions, lots of internet searching & comparing prices, we finally went back to our favorite bedding from Pottery Barn.  Here are a few pictures of what will be Nolan's space -
If you know me, I don't tend to go with all "neutral" colors.  Peyton's nursery is the Pottery Barn Dr. Seuss - all bright primary colors.  What I love about this bedding - it is completely different! I want Nolan's room to be different in every way.  I love the big basket (see picture 2) & hope to find some to store his blankets & toys (I've already been looking & have had no luck).  I am also having our art teacher paint a canvas with a Bible verse on it.  I love the neutral look for Nolan & excited to begin planning.
Do you have any creative suggestions for Nolan's nursery? I love to decorate, but always copy ideas from others...
Happy Saturday!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Where I Belong...

I feel the idea of death has surrounded me the past few weeks.  It began with Easter & reflecting on Jesus' death.  My dear friend & early running buddy, Billie Jean, has dealt with two unexpected, tragic deaths.  My co-worker, Susan, is a ROCK, as she continues to deal with her husbands unexpected death 2 1/2 years ago.  Another dear friend loss her niece at delivery.  Yesterday, Peyton & I had to take a detour home due to a car accident with at least two deaths.  Driving to school this morning, my new, favorite song (by Building 429) came on the radio.  I began to sing the chorus at the top of my lungs...reminded we are not where we belong...
Take a minute & listen to the song.  I love this YouTube video - tears came to my eyes.  Our hope is in the Lord.  When we get to heaven, what a celebration! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Our Easter Weekend

Our Easter weekend was filled with family fun.  As a full-time working mommy, I treasure weekend time with Jonathan & Peyton.  Jonathan & I have always been the type that love hanging out with friends all weekend, but as Peyton has come along, I can tell I soak up the minutes with him (although, I do love spending time with friends...I hope you understand &/or can relate). 
Saturday, we took a road trip to Iron Station, North Carolina to celebrate Noah's Sexton's 2nd birthday! It was sooooo much fun to see Beth, Jeremy, Noah, & Eliza! We could not get a picture of Noah & Peyton together (they were too busy playing!!!), so Beth & I snapped a photo.
Easter Sunday is the biggest Sunday on the Christian calendar (along with Christmas Eve service). Being married to a pastor, I think I was more nervous for Jonathan's 2nd Easter Sunday.  I wanted to make sure we were early to bed, ironed our new Sunday clothes, prepared a special breakfast, & prayed God would prepare Jonathan's heart & mind.  It was phenomenal! Our choir cantata was unbelievable & I was proud of Jonathan's sermon, believing God was truly present in the sanctuary.  A few shots of our family -
We are in front of the Living Cross at Royston Baptist: 
Peyton is more interested in the motorcycle!
After church, we enjoyed eating Easter lunch with the Brister Bunch - Aaron, Billie Jean, Eden, Lily, & Isaiah.  We all have a blast with our friends & thankful for them!
Peyton, Eden, Isaiah, & Lily
On Friday, it was cold & windy.  It made me stop & think of Jesus' sacrifice.  The sun shone brightly on Sunday morning, reminding me of the risen Lord.  I hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend.  I hope you were able to step back & remember the reason for celebrating the Easter holiday.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Celebration Weekend!

I could not have gone to Kentucky at a better time! Peyton & I had many things to celebrate while in Kentucky! I am on Spring Break this week, so we took another road trip alone...8 1/2 hours later we made it to Georgetown.  We were able to celebrate -

1. Carter's 1st birthday (our nephew/cousin)
2. Nolan's first baby shower (with my dear friends from college... a "bum" shower - diapers & wipes)
3. Mom's birthday (can you believe my mother is ONLY 39!)
4. Kentucky as NATIONAL CHAMPIONS....what a blast!!!

It was a wonderful trip & time to see family & friends.  I'm not sure when I'll be able to go back, due to Nolan's arrival August 3rd.  We went to the doctor appointments today (yes - I'm high-risk so I see multiple doctors...often!).  Nolan is right on pace with his growth & weighing 15 ounces.  Jonathan & I even picked out his "coming home" outfit.  Nancy & I love the Kissy Kissy brand (check it out if your a mama!) & I got him a white gown with blue scallops.  It's so sweet.

For the remainder of the break - spring cleaning, Easter dinner preparation, visiting with friends Lauren &Beth, Easter Egg Hunt with the Bristers! I am loving every minute off of work! Here are some precious pictures from KY -

Carter & Peyton...impossible to get them in a great shot!
Carter loving icing!
Nolan's Shower with forever friends from GC!
Nancy & Anna
Celebrating Mom's birthday!