Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Blessings

Easter Sunday 
Our Church: Royston Baptist
We had such a wonderful weekend celebrating Easter! It was our first Easter at Royston Baptist Church with Jonathan being Senior Pastor.  I think I was more nervous for Jonathan's first Easter Service than he was! It was such a success with a packed church, a beautiful living cross, gorgeous choir cantata, a powerful sermon, & a delicious Easter lunch! After making homemade dressing 9 times, I think I finally have it down...
Peyton looked adorable in a beautiful outfit from Nana Barlow & he seemed to love his Easter basket.  Last Easter, we were anticipating Peyton's arrival, as we had just learned we were expecting a baby boy.  Little ones bring much more excitement to holidays.  I have LOVED celebrating as a family, although we did miss our extended families. 

Peyton digging into his Easter Basket

Posing with Peyton 
Papa & Peyton 

I had a long to-do list to complete today, but while Billie Jean & I were out running this morning I sprained my ankle.  Therefore, my foot is propped, iced every 15 min., & I'll have to use our umbrella stroller to move Peyton around...oh, dear!  We have both sets of family & friends coming in this weekend for Peyton's dedication.  Let's hope I have a quick recovery!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Life is a Gift!

Today celebrates the 5 year anniversary of my little sister, Anna's accident.  Five years ago, I got a phone call from my mother that Anna had been in a tragic accident, unsure if she would make it through the night.  It was through family, friends, & faith that we made it through several weeks of the unknown.  I am truly reminded of God's great miracles on this day.
Anna has truly embraced life - she has become an occupational therapist, now helping others.  She understands how to live life to the fullest - quality time with family & friends.  Anna never takes a day for granted - knowing life is a gift.
In our moment of grief, our result was filled with great joy, Anna having a full recovery.  I know many families do not see such a positive outcome.  I am thankful...
Tonight, I am reminded of God's promise, "Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens & earth by your great power & outstretched arm.  Nothing is too hard for You." Jeremiah 32:17
Anna celebrating our pregnancy!
June 19, 2010: Anna's Wedding
Peyton's Arrival

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring Change...

We continue to see CHANGE in the Barlow Bunch! Spring is in the air! Our pansies are blooming, Mom's transported (from KY) day lilies & irises are growing, & Derby has already gone swimming in the creek THREE times (He was banned from our home for 2 dry off!).
As of Tuesday, April 12th Peyton began to "officially" crawl, sit on his own, & clap! Jonathan & I had so much fun just watching Peyton play Tuesday night! This is such a FUN baby age!
Last weekend, Jonathan surprised me by taking Thursday off & we traveled to KY to meet our new nephew, Carter.  Peyton is lucky to have new cousins on both the Barlow & Fraley side.  We had a great weekend visiting with the Fraley family.  We spent precious moments holding Carter, staying up late talking with Anna & Mark, celebrating my Mother's birthday, & creating forever memories. I think the pictures can tell it better than I can...
Auntie Anna & Peyton 
Grandmama reading to Peyton!
Nancy, Phil, & Precious Carter!!!
Peyton & Carter

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

7 and counting...

Peyton is now 7 months old! I received so much positive feedback from my 6 & counting blog...I decided to continue it this month!
Peyton 7 months old!
7 Things I continue to learn about being a Mommy - 
7. It is hard being 7 hours away from family in all directions - from KY, to MS, to FL.  Those of you that has family close by to help, count yourself lucky! I wish grandparents could help baby-sit Peyton & watch him grow on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  Thank goodness for modern technology - cell phones with pictures & Skype!
6. Social Events Change - From dinners at home with friends to going out with friends.  This weekend we hosted a wedding shower for our dear friends, Lindsay & Drew.  Whew - I was exhausted after it all. Babies are a lot of work to take on a errand & especially to a wedding shower that your co-hosting. We had a BLAST, but our social lives are just very different. Thank you to our friends for including Peyton in their wedding festivities!
Drew, Lindsay, & the Barlow Bunch!
5. Watching Peyton try to crawl / Seeing Change - This bring such joy to Jonathan & me! We are anticipating the moment Peyton begins to crawl...he's trying! It is amazing how fast babies grow month to month.  I continue to be amazed!
Peyton trying to crawl to Little Luke McDonald!

4. Playgroup - a highlight of my week is getting together with some girlfriends from Royston.  My friend, Misty, organized the group.  Peyton is the youngest & really doesn't play, but it is wonderful to socialize with other mothers - ask questions, share ideas, & get out of the house.  I would recommend to any new mother to find a group to get involved with - whether it be in the community, with your church, etc.  It has been a wonderful outlet for me!
Peyton & Alera Holland
3. Exercise - As a mommy, I cherish my alone time to exercise or my walks with Peyton (soon we can begin to run with Peyton)! This time gives me quiet time, moments to reflect on the days "to-do's," & enjoy my son outside!
2. Exercise-Saucer- This is Peyton's new favorite toy (Thank you Nana & Papa Rusty)! I would recommend this toy for any new mother - as babies grow out of bouncy seats & swings, this is the perfect toy! I am able to get a few things done while Peyton plays!
1. The words of ring true - "I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for you, I always pray with joy." Philippians 1:3-4 Joy has been redefined in my life by Peyton.  Children bring true joy to a parents life.  As I lay my head down at night, I go to bed thanking God for Peyton.

May you have a blessed evening! Love Susan