Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Nolan is TWO! Life lessons from a 2-year old!

Tomorrow, our second born, Nolan Crosby, is going to be two!  I can't believe it!  Where have two years gone?  Nolan is our huggable, lovable, sweet spirited little boy.  He LOVES his big brother & attempts to do everything that Peyton can do - sometimes he succeeds & sometimes he fails!  I thought it might be appropriate to share a few tidbits of knowledge I have learned the past two years.
Things Nolan has taught me in the past two years - 
 1. Embrace LIFE - Nolan loves life & smiles (even when he's crying).  He loves being around people (to the point where I have trouble getting things accomplished when he's awake).  He loves going to new places.  He loves trying new foods.  He truly has embraced life & I'm reminded I need to have this attitude daily.
Fall 2013
2. Be adventurous - Nolan loves any adventure (like his Papa) - from going 25 MPH on the jet ski, to sliding down a huge slide, to asking to swing HIGHER.  I tend to stay on the cautious side & blessed I have a little boy who isn't afraid to try something new.
Winter 2014 
3. SMILE - Nolan smiles to EVERYONE - nursery workers, grocery cashiers, my girlfriends, neighbors, & even strangers.  What a wonderful reminder - a smile can take us far places.
Easter 2014 
4. Have Fun - Nolan loves to laugh - whether that's being tickled or that he finds Peyton acting silly, he laughs.  Similar to smiling, I've been reminded on my tough days, Nolan's laughter makes everything much better.
Nolan's first popsicle 
5. Be Content - Isn't contentment a hard word?  Well, this boy doesn't struggle with it at his young age.  He is one of the most content toddlers I've been around, which is such a blessing in our household.
Nolan's first fishing trip
May I always find lessons I can learn through my children! Happy Birthday Nolan Crosby!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Must-Read Book & Summer memories

Wow - I just finished an excellent book, Intentional Parenting, recommended to me by my sister, Nancy.  I loved it!  The book covers 12 chapters that each dispel some of the most common parenting myths.  They remind the reader that truth can empower both the parent & child, & become what God has called us each to be.  I love one of the last chapters, "Being a Free Parent," when the author states, "...that instead of focusing on being the parent God's called you to be, you can focus on being the parent God frees you to be."  As I read it, I would share my favorite parts to Jonathan.  I wanted to share it with you - as I know we all struggle with the day in, day out of parenting.  It was an inspiration for me (Thank you Nancy for sharing)!
A parent must-read! 
Oh, have we had a fun summer!  Father's Day was spent at church & the lake.  I do believe Jonathan felt loved & special.  Thank you Jonathan for being Peyton & Nolan's Papa!
Father's Day & celebrating a fabulous week of VBS
We survived Jonathan's back surgery - thank you for the many prayers.  He goes for his recovery appointment this upcoming week.  The first few days were tough, but he has done remarkably well!! Jonathan was improving so well, he travelled with us to Kentucky!  We have made it a tradition to go to Kentucky for 4th of July.  We had a blast & the weather was perfect!!!  My mom hosted a very successful Mary Kay party, we shopped, played with the cousins, & ran the Bluegrass 10K.  Nancy, Anna, & I had not run a race together in several years!  We crossed the start line together & all met our individual goals.  Woo-Hoo!!! (We were all excited!) 
Bluegrass 10K - Nancy, Anna, & myself
My parents fixed a feast for the 4th - all my favorite summers dishes!  We celebrated summer birthday's & ate way too much food!  The cousins had fun playing together - my boys loved the babies!!!  It brings so much joy to see our family grow!  
Celebrating the 4th! 
Laney, Peyton, Nolan, Carter, & Luke 
The boys just got back from "Cousins Camp" where they spent several days with Grandmama & Grandaddy.  Jonathan & I had a few quiet days & were able to be productive at home (& work for him).  Peyton & Nolan are home & the house is now busier, messier, louder, & more full of JOY!