Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hard moments as a Mama & My Mother's Day

Mothering can be hard at times - 2-year old tantrums, middle of the night feedings, potty-trained pee-pee accidents, dinners where we all end in tears due to our 2-year old not eating, our 9-month old up at all hours due to teething...the list can continue...can't it? And, I have only begun mothering...

Then, there are moments that make is ALL worth it - hugs & kisses, moments where Peyton says a new word, Nolan's toothy grin, moments Jonathan & I get to see their firsts, bath time, waking up to hair sticking in all directions, laughter, excitement of watching Mickey Mouse...I could continue... doesn't your list go on & on...

This past Sunday was a special Mother's Day for me, as I am sure it was for most of you.  Jonathan & the boys painted a beautiful picture for me (that might stay hung until next year), got my favorite breakfast at McDonald's, cooked vegetables for lunch, & allowed me to take a long afternoon nap! It was a day I was reminded the JOY of motherhood & the BLESSINGS of motherhood.

My Mother's Day! 
Here are a few pictures of Nolan's 9 month pictures (that I never posted)!
Nolan 9 months April 30, 2013 

Nolan looking out the window! 

And pulling his curtains! 

Friday, May 3, 2013

NINE months of NOLAN!

The nine month mark has been monumental for both Peyton & Nolan.  I seem to reflect on my nine months of pregnancy when both boys approached their nine month birthday's, knowing that the boys were in my tummy as long as on this earth.  This month has been full of - trips to Georgetown, a day in Greenville, weeks with Papa away & Mama being a single parent, visits from Grandmama, Grandaddy & Auntie Anna, enjoying yogurt & puffs (along with my milk, vegetables, & fruit)....whew...what a month!
Ella Gregory & Nolan playing in KY 

Grandaddy, Cousin Carter, Big Brother Peyton, & Nolan
Swinging at the park 
Greenville Airport with the Hollands! 
What a special month it has been with our boy!!!