Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Goose is 6 months old!!!

I can't believe our "Goose" is six months old! Where has the time gone? (I always rolled my eyes when my mother said this growing up, but it's true!) He has a tooth, he is sitting up (for about 30 seconds), he laughs (especially at Jonathan & Peyton), he still is not a good sleeper (& wearing his parents out), he finally likes baths, & he is so HAPPY all the time (except when he's starving).
I think Peyton has begun to love Nolan - he tells me "Quiet Mama, Nolan sleeping," or looks at me extremely worried & says, "Mama - Nolan crying!" I can walk them in the double stroller, & Peyton seems to enjoy Nolan's company.  Recently, I've seen him HUG his brother.  What a blessing! (Peyton had an adjustment period...especially when I went back to work in November!) What joy!
Here are some highlights -
Nolan's newborn picture  from Sara Wise photography - amazing!

Nolan (2 weeks) Sara Wise Photography 
Nolan : One Month old 
Nolan's dedication: One month old 
Nolan picking pumpkins: 3 months 
Eating cereal for the 1st time! Dec. 2012 
We loved our baby boy!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

MY NEW JOB & A Bittersweet Week

This week, I learned I got a teaching job - 5th grade at Royston Elementary!  If you are confused, Jonathan & I moved to Franklin County 2 1/2 years ago.  First, I was a part-time special education tutor.  My tutor position ended with the school year.  That summer, I interviewed for 4 positions - getting the paraprofessional job with Susan Knighton.  After teaching 3rd grade, getting a masters degree, I was working full-time as a teacher's assistent.  At first, it was a humbling experience - to not "make the calls," do the planning, attend the meetings on data (& yes - I'm a nerd & love studying data).  Yet - after 1 1/2 years, I was crying Tuesday morning as I walked out of my Kindergarten class.

What I learned as a parapro - teacher's assistents are just as important as teachers, copy machines are much harder to work than they look, cutting ketchup packets are tricky, parents - teach your child to tie his or her shoes before entering Kindergarten & to tear pancakes (believe me it's easier than cutting)...I could go on...

I worked with one of the most WONDERFUL woman that I have ever met - Susan Knighton.  She allowed me to teach.  She allowed me to run in late (oops...some days my run lasted longer than it should).  She allowed me to organize centers.  She allowed me to use my gifts.  She allowed me to share my heart with her, & her the same with me.  God used her in so many ways in my life...& I am forever grateful.

So, now I am putting back on my big girl shoes & working in my own classroom with the BIG 5th graders.  I can't be late.  I can't check on Nolan with the sitter.  I can't sit & talk with Susan.  But, God is good.  He blessed me with a different kind of teaching experience.  He blessed me with wonderful co-workers my first two years in a new town.  He gave me a stress-free job with 2 little boys.

Here are a couple pictures on my last day -
Susan K & Me
The precious Kindergarteners, Mrs. Knighton, Mrs. Brown, & Me 
On a side night - Nolan was 5 months on December 30th.  (Poor 2nd baby - his update is almost a month late!)  He has cut his first tooth, he doesn't like rice cereal or oatmeal (yet!), he loves sleeping on his tummy (which worries his mama), he thinks his big brother is hilarious, & he's our cuddlier!  We love our "Goose!"
Nolan 5 months (Jan. 1, 2013) 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Santa Claus is Comin' to Kentucky (part 2)

Have you packed up Christmas? We spent all day Saturday taking down our tree, our outside lights & garland, all my Christmas china, & much more.  I am always sad to say good-bye to Christmas - the sermons at church, the music, the parties, the goodies, the shopping, the decorations.  Reality starts again for me tomorrow - back to work & both boys to the sitter.  I love my work place, but I dread the schedule & being away from my boys.  Thankfully, I have many happy memories of my break.
Christmas Part-Two! We spent our second week of Christmas vacation in Kentucky celebrating with my family.  It was filled with snow, present opening, Christmas dinner, our annual girls-outing & shopping, meeting my girlfriends (& all the 9 kids!!!), cheering on the UK Wildcats, & ending with a taking Jonathan to Cincinnati, OH for his 30th birthday present.  The only hiccup - Peyton went to KY sick & Nolan left KY sick (& has had a rough week getting over his upper respiratory infection).  We made many, many wonderful memories.  Here are a few pictures -
We spent the first morning opening gifts at Grandmama's & Grandaddy's house -
Grandmama helping Peyton & Carter open presents 

It SNOWED! For my Southern Mississippi bred husband & my Georgia-born boy, they were thrilled (for about 10 minutes)! I took a couple pictures & they played in the cold!
Peyton & Papa playing in the snow 
Nancy & Phil hosted our Christmas dinner in their beautiful home.  We had it all - turkey, ham, dressing, all the sides, & delicious cakes for dessert.  As we ate, we discussed our favorite present this Christmas.  I sat their thinking, "Aren't we so blessed?"
Aunt Nancy, Cousin Carter, & the Barlows 
Auntie Anna loving on the boys 
Grandparent love! 
 We saw snow AGAIN - Carter loved it, Peyton did not! He kept saying. "I'm freezing!" My college girlfriends & I spent a day together. with ALL of our children.  My how our group has grown from our college days - we all have husbands & children.  The kids had so much fun playing & we caught up as much as we could.

Grandaddy, Jonathan, & Peyton 
Our get-together - Sarah & Ella, Megan & Brooks, Me, Peyton, & Emelyn (Summer's daughter), Summers & Nolan, Ashley & Olivia Britton, Codye, Campbell, & Barrett!!! Thanks to Codye for hosting!

Girlfriend Get-together 
Merry Christmas & Happy 2013! Much love to you & yours!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Santa Claus is Comin' to Town Part 1

Merry Christmas from the Barlow Bunch! (Christmas Eve 2012)
We had the BEST Christmas - seeing the JOY of two boys, worshipping with our Royston Baptist community, traveling to Kentucky, spending time off work, & enjoying lazy mornings as a family.  Peyton got it this year - baby Jesus, Santa Claus, the eight reindeer, presents on Christmas day, & a big trip to see family & celebrate with them.  I think Jonathan said it perfectly as he ate the Santa cookies, "I've waited my whole life for this!"
On Christmas Eve, we worshipped at RBC & Jonathan did an excellent job leading our congregation in the true meaning of Christmas. We came home & took pictures (per Mama's request), wrote Santa a note, tucked the boys in bed a little early, & played Santa Claus!!!
Christmas Eve (Nolan LOVES his hands!) 

Throwing out reindeer food 
Due to Peyton not feeling 100%, our Christmas morning did not start extremely early.  Jonathan & I were able to brew coffee, set up the video camera, & nurse Nolan before Peyton woke up to see what Santa left for him.  He loved it all!!! See the excitement on his face - 
Peyton enjoying his gifts 
Nolan relaxing as we open his gifts! :) 
The Barlow Boys enjoying playing on Christmas morning!
I hope this Christmas season was special for you & your family! I will treasure Christmas 2012 in my heart.  Christmas part 2 will be posted soon....