Thursday, August 29, 2013

Following by Example

Tonight, I am on my couch in Royston, Georgia, but today at 3:15pm, but heart was at Anne Mason Elementary for my mom's retirement party.  Yes - my mom, whom most of you know (& love) is retiring tomorrow.  We have been counting down for a year & half.   I am excited for her - time to wake up when the sun comes up (instead of a 5:15am alarm), time to go out to lunch with friends (instead of a 15 min. cold turkey sandwich), a chance to play the piano for fun (instead of school), etc.  I learned most of my teaching skills from my mom, admired her organization, consistency, attitude of firm, fair, & fun, & daily prayers for the job, the students, & her family.
I struggle with being the best mama & the best teacher.  I struggle with being a "working mama" & balancing responsibilities of wife, mama, home, church, school, teacher...the list could go on.  I often ask my mom, "How did you do it?  How did you juggle?"  She always reminds me - through prayer.  I only hope I can follow her example - in raising my children & touching many, many students' lives.  CONGRATULATIONS MOM!!! We love you, Mom (& all you working moms out there!)

June 2010 - Anna's Wedding & pregnant with Peyton! 
Nolan's Dedication Labor Day weekend 2012 
August 2012 - Grandmama, Peyton, & Nolan 
Fall 2012 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Nolan is ONE!

I am a little behind on my's that time of has begun!  Most of my free time away from school has been screen free - playing outside with the boys, train races with Peyton, throwing balloons with Nolan, embracing the moments with my boys & Jonathan.  I always feel life ends when school begins, & I can't figure out's just learning to balance work/home/church activities.  As Jonathan says, "it always takes you a month to get adjusted."

More importantly, our second born turned ONE on July 30th.  I blogged on the party a few days before, but I did try to make the 30th special!  Jonathan got McDonald's pancakes for our one year old, we went to the park to play, we all took long naps, we ordered pizza & had cupcakes for dessert (which he LOVED)! Wow - what a year it's been -
July 31, 2012 

Nolan's first Sunday at Church - Aug 2012 

One of my favorites - playing outside 

Eating Rice Cereal for the first time - 5 months old 

Nolan's Smash Cake! He loved it! 
What a year it's been! I can't wait to see what ONE holds for Nolan!