Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Snapshots

Our last weekend as The Barlow Bunch as a family of 3! We have loved every minute of it - swimming (well...I floated,  Jonathan & Peyton played), park time, our favorite Japanese cuisine, & a wonderful church service today. 
Tomorrow, we go to the doctor.  It will be determined if I am induced tomorrow, Monday, July 30th or on Friday, August 3rd.  I am a nervous wreak tonight wondering what this week holds.  Tonight at church we shared our "favorite summer memories." Here are some of mine -
This past weekend - 
This weekend at the park!     

Our mountain trip to Hiawasse, GA -

Our anniversary trip to Sapphire, NC -

The Beach Trip with the Sexton Family -
Our precious rascals - Peyton & Noah                        

My Girls Trip with my sisters & Mom to Gatlinburg, TN -

My 30th birthday (so far 30 hasn't been bad so far...)

I could keep posting pictures...this summer has been wonderful.  I have cherished the trips, time with family & friends, soaking in the moments with Peyton.  Soon, I will be able to post about our Barlow Bunch & our new addition...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Introducing Nolan's Nursery!

Nolan's Nursery... Many of you have asked to see Nolan's nursery.  We are finally finished with his room & creating a toddler room for Peyton.  I walk in Nolan's room & anticipate his arrival.  Nolan's room is completely different than Peyton (bright, bold, primary colors, & Dr Seuss themed), but we were intentional in making the room different, knowing the boys will be different.

Here is Nolan's crib -

Nolan's bookshelves (Mom & I painted these bookshelves from red to ivory) - 

 Our new glider -
Our new glider!
 We decided to keep a double bed in the room, due to out of town family.  The painting was done by the art teacher at my school.  Eventually, we move the double bed in Peyton's room & the crib under the painting.  This will have to do for two boys under the age of 2!
Double Bed & Painting
We are counting down the days.  Our bags are packed & we are now just waiting! Prayers & words of wisdom have been much appreciated.  Thank you!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I'll Confess...I'm Scared!

Dear Family & Friends -
Were you scared when you had your second baby? I've asked many close family & do you manage? (especially with two being so close in age)
Some responses I've heard -
1. The first year is the hardest, but then you'll love it!
2. What is a nap? I haven't napped since the second arrived...
3. It takes two (meaning both papa & mama)!
4. Your house is messier...just accept it.
5. You'll love it, because you remember how to do everything (e.g. set-up of swing, heating bottles, etc).
Last week, Jonathan & I went to the doctor to get our Nolan update.  Due to fluid being in my membrane, my water could break any day! Baby Nolan is also measuring small, so the doctor's want him to stay in as long as possible.  Therefore, I am to REST (which is very hard for me)! But, I am trying to follow doctor's orders. If he does arrive on August 3rd, we are 12 days away.  

YES - I'll confess...I'm scared!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Peyton's 1st Haircut!

Peyton is 22 (almost 23) months old & just got his first haircut! He takes after his mama...I didn't have hair until I was 2.  I wish I had pre-cut pictures of Peyton, but I didn't get any.  Peyton officially had a rat tail, so it was time.  Of course, our boy loved watching others get their haircut, but unsure about his cut.

Peyton unsure about it all & needed Mama!
Peyton getting used to the idea!

Jonathan & I were not very good at documenting this big event...we forgot our nice camera, video camera, & capturing pre-pictures, & post-pictures of the haircut.  But, our baby is not a baby anymore.  Peyton is becoming a "big-boy" - new haircut, new words, new phrases.  I pray & hope he is a wonderful big brother to Nolan!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Summer Favorites!

Some of my summer favorite products for my precious toddler, Peyton (& myself) -

1. I love these sippy cups - Playtex Insulator Cups. Peyton carries his milk everywhere, & I will recommend these cups to anyone! They truly are spill-proof.


2. I love the catch up on my reading during the summertime.  For my devotion, my mom & I typically complete a Beth Moore Bible Study during the summer break.  With Nolan due, a nursery to complete, a husband away for several weeks, etc. we didn't even discuss a Bible Study until mid-June.  Instead of beginning a Beth Moore I wanted to do something different, & I am reading The Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian.  I'd recommend this to any parent - those with babies, school-age children, & teenagers.

3. I found a new website that I enjoy browsing.  I have a few things for Nolan's nursery from this site.  Take a minute & check it out - 

4. I am loving my Large Utility Tote from 31! I take it everyone & it is a must-have for all mama's! Peyton & I can fill up that bag for the pool, overnights, etc! Below is an example.  If you are interested in ordering, I have three friends who sell it.  Let me know!

What items are you loving this summer? What is a "must-buy" (or rent/borrow, etc!)  for your baby/toddler/home? What do I need to better prepare for two boys? :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Weekend with Auntie Anna!

It has been another great, summer weekend in our home! Auntie Anna came to visit from Kentucky.  Peyton has loved his new, weekend running partner, tickler, block builder (& crasher), & book reader.  We have had the best time together -
We spent Saturday at Lake Hartwell with my dear friend, Susan.  
Peyton's 1st Jet Ski Ride
Jonathan & Anna
Susan & I decided I would not ride the Jet Ski.  We didn't want Nolan popping out at the lake!

Saturday night, Anna & I went on an Athens Food Tour.  We LOVED it! We walked to five different restaurants (Yes - I did this 8 months pregnant in 95 heat...Nolan was a trooper) & sampled food from each place.  If you live near the Athens, GA area, check out the website -

Posing before the tour!
At the moment, Jonathan is beating both Anna & me in Scrabble.  I never seem to win....  It is moments like these that I treasure during the summer break.  We have a big week ahead in the Barlow household...I cannot share yet, but ask for big prayers for God's guidance in our lives.  Love to you, my readers! 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Family Fun Weekend

Yes, the Barlow Bunch had family fun weekend (I believe I am becoming my mother)! It had been six weeks since we had a weekend just the three of us - with our mini-trips, Jonathan's travels, my girls weekend, family here, etc.  I wanted to make the most of our time together before Nolan arrives.  
Due to the heat, we went swimming on Friday ( pictures) & Jonathan & I went on a date!  Saturday, Jonathan made our favorite - pancakes!  We took Peyton to Fancy Feathers Farm in Bowen, GA.  He loved the emus, ostrich, goats, & dogs.  It was a fun family trip & I'm so glad we did it.  We also celebrated the marriage of Trey & Janna O'Kelly.  Peyton had a ball chasing after balloons & the little girls (Oh I in for it!) Today, we were able to celebrate together at church (the 3 of us hadn't all been there in weeks) & have loved watching the Olympic Trials on TV.
Janna & Trey's wedding

Peyton loved this sweet dog & goats!

As a mama, I am learning these quality moments are important for my little boy.  As I struggle being a full-time working mama, I try to embrace the quality, not quantity times together.  I want to experience new joys, new words, & new moments with my little boy.  I was thankful to have this time with both Jonathan & Peyton this weekend.
PS - We had another family day for the 4th....nothing special or pictures, but a wonderful day together!