Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hello Summer Break!

Hello Summer break!!!  I am so excited to see you!  Whew - it's been a tough school year & I am ready for a much needed reprieve.
I have loved drinking my coffee in my pjs, getting to feed my boys breakfast, enjoying a long workout (if you live in the Royston area - come to boot camp at the park - it's awesome!!!), & my favorite summer outing - swimming by a pool! We have already started our summer off with a BANG!!! My sister, Nancy & her family, came to visit us for Memorial Day weekend.  We had a blast - playing outside, shopping, bowling with the boys, exercising, & just enjoying time together!  I always cherish family time & feel so blessed that both the Barlow's & Fraley's come to visit.
Laney & Carter, Peyton & Nolan 
Nancy & myself with our youngest
After the Boatman's departure, we headed to Destin, FL to see Jonathan's parents & enjoy time on the beach.  This year was so much EASIER & more FUN than the previous years!  I wasn't nursing, neither boy needed a morning nap, Peyton loved to play in the sand & explore on his own, Nolan was happy with his Papa under the umbrella (he is his father's son), & I got to start reading an excellent book, Whistling Past the Graveyard.  The weather was beautiful at the beginning of the week, but we did have rain at the end of the week.  While in Florida, Jonathan & I celebrated our seventh anniversary.  We appreciate Nana watching the boys so we could go out on a date!  It was wonderful - beach-side dinner, yummy ice cream, & uninterrupted time together (which is rare).  

Enjoying Papa Rusty's boat 

We loved our time away!  
BIG, BIG news with the Barlow Bunch - I am now a Mary Kay consultant! Yes - I am going to sell make-up.  Jonathan is beginning his doctorate this fall at Duke Divinity, & I'm hoping this may help in a small way with his school loans.  I am excited to begin this adventure, but also nervous it could flop.  Of course, I want to be successful & make a positive difference in women's lives.  So - if you wear make-up, love feeling pampered, & love giving good gifts - call, text, send me a Facebook message, & I'd love to book a party or sell you product.  Crossing my fingers & praying this is a financial blessing for my family.
Welcome Summer - I've missed you!

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  1. Great pictures and summer is a terrific season of play! So glad you had a wonderful beach time and Boatman visit! Love you all!