Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Sneak Preview of Peyton's 1st birthday!

Peyton on the tractor!
Peyton with Kristen's goats!
If you remember from a few blogs ago, I LOVE birthdays! Therefore, the planning is in full-swing for Peyton's first birthday on Sept. 1st! I have decided to do a "farm animal" theme. Why? Two reasons - 1. The only books he loves to read over & over are farm animal books 2. We have moved to the country!

I've gotten many great ideas from friends, the internet, & even weddings! Recently, I attended my cousins wedding (Thank you, Rachel!) & she had burned CD's with a picture on the front cover...I loved it! So, we are burning Peyton's favorite animal CD & putting these pictures on the front...aren't they adorable? Our friend & one of Peyton's many sitter's, Kristen took these pictures with her animals & fancy camera. (I think she needs to beginning a photography business.  Don't you agree?)  Many more pictures to come...

Papa Rusty & Nana Barlow are here for the weekend...more about their visit in another blog!

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