Saturday, July 2, 2011


I love birthdays! I love birthdays, because it's the one day a person can truly feel loved.  As a child, my parents & sisters always made birthdays extra-special. We'd always got sung "Happy Birthday" several MANY times, picked our own "birthday dinner," had our favorite homemade dessert, & received many, many cards & well-wishes.  It was not about the presents (Although I did & do love presents!), but about the way I felt so special.  
As I continue to get older & as my family expands, not only do I love celebrating my birthday, but others. I make Jonathan's birthday a BIG deal - numerous celebrations including friends & family.  I have already started planning Peyton's first birthday (& I'm so excited).
My birthday with Jonathan & Peyton
My birthday month, June, is over!  I think this was one of the BEST birthdays! It was amazing that the best gift for me was spending time with friends & family.  I got to do some of my favorite things - walk in the park, go to the pool, grill out, have homemade birthday cake, spend all day with my family, sit outside on our porch with friends...a perfect day in my eyes.  I loved every minute!
Mom & Me 
Celebrating with Blake & Shellei 
Make someone's birthday special - make a phone call, send a facebook message, mail a doesn't have to be much, but it will make the person feel so loved! THANK YOU to ALL who my birthday month wonderful!

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