Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Birthday America!

Happy 10 month birthday, Peyton!
Jonathan, Peyton, & I are home from our whirlwind of travels.  We LOVED all friends & family we have visited, but it is nice to have a lazy Saturday morning making pancakes, sipping on coffee, & watching the Today show (my favorite). 
Our most recent trip was to visit my family for July 4th.  We maximized the short time we had together - cook-outs, running the Bluegrass 10K, shopping for the babies, & simply enjoying time together.  Thank you to my sisters for making trips to Georgetown & my college friends for dropping other events to see me!  It was a wonderful visit - on of the best 4ths I've spent in a long time. 
After the race!
After the race!
Now, for fun the Fraley family runs! Phil & Jonathan had a goal to run the race in 45 minutes! They did it in 44 minutes - if you're not a runner - that's FAST!  Anna & I had our own goal - to complete the race under an hour.  It's a humbling experience for me, after having a baby & a sprained ankle, I'm just not as fast as I have been.  But, we met our goal & ran the race in 57 min.!
Noah & Peyton
Jeremy, Beth, & Noah with the Barlows
Jeremy, Beth, Noah, & Baby Sexton spent the evening of the 4th with us! They are about to move to NC - yeah to Jeremy for getting a job! It was bittersweet to see them in KY.  The next time the boys will play (& yes - Peyton has a new best friend, Noah!) will be in NC.  We love you, Sextons!

I hope you had a special 4th of July - celebrating in your own way!

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