Sunday, October 31, 2010

Goodbye Trip & Hello Halloween!

We have had a wonderful, but busy weekend.  It started with saying goodbye to my career as a 3rd grade teacher at Trip Elementary.  Jonathan used his entire day off to pick up our neighbors truck (yes - Peyton's sweetness had our neighbors smitten, therefore, they offered their pickup truck for the move), moved extremely heavy boxes/book shelves/school books/etc, & unloaded all items to our new home. It was bittersweet.  I will miss walking the halls of Trip, sharing laughs & tears with my amazing 3rd grade team, & teaching 8 year olds more than just curriculum.  

Peyton's first holiday has come & gone.  All I wanted was a family picture in front of our new home with Peyton in a Halloween outfit & our pretty pumpkins.  Well, Peyton had other ideas.... He cried.  Check out the pictures!!! I talked with him all day about Halloween - dressing up, candy, jack-o-lanterns.  I can't wait for future Halloweens! If he's anything like his daddy, he'll love the chocolate & saying "Trick or Treat" to anyone!

 Thanks Nana for the Halloween outfit! (Aunt Nancy, Peyton spit up on your outfit before we had a chance to photograph... oh well!)


  1. I am loving the blog!! Peyton's outfit is adorable :) Your house looks beautiful--I would love to see more pictures! Oh....and you look gorgeous as ever! Love you!!! Codye

    I am using Rob's account lol

  2. Look at the Barlow Bunch on their first holiday as a family!!! How cute! Not you Jonathan, the baby....Haha jk everyone looks great. Glad I got to see you on your last day here - we will miss you Susan but we know you are doing a better job - being a mommy! Love you guys!