Friday, November 5, 2010

Our Week of Firsts!

Peyton 2 months old!

This week was full of firsts!  The week began Monday morning with Peyton turning 2 months old (& yes Grandmama called to sing Happy Birthday to Peyton).  We had to go get his 2 month shots.  For my friends who are not mommy's yet - it's awful! I had to watch a gigantic needle poke Peyton's tiny leg.  For the rest of the day, I was watching Peyton - for fever, swelling, a rash, etc.  Thankfully, he handled it better than I did!
A second first - Jonathan & I love to "bet" while watching major sporting events.  Jonathan loves watching all kinds of sports & this is a way for me to connect with him.  We always create a March Madness bracket & I have won the past several years - a $20 date, a new dress, etc.  My luck was up - Jonathan & I bet on the World Series, thrilled with the teams playing.  The Giants clinched the series & Jonathan won $30 from my monthly fun money... a first.
Third - I started going to Jazzercise.  When you move to a new town, you will do anything to meet people.  I met a new neighbor, Misty (my age, with a baby!) while Peyton & I were out walking.  I was beyond excited.  She told me about the class & I loved it! Although I looked like a fool, it was a great workout & I met several new people. I will return!
We are ending our "Week of Firsts" with Peyton's first road trip.  We are headed to Virginia today to celebrate my Dad's birthday & for Peyton to meet his great-grandmother.  Wow - I had no idea how much one had to pack for a baby!
Blessings until next time...

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  1. YAYAYAY~! yOU HAVE A bLOg!!!

    Susan, your family is GORGEOUS! Peyton is such a precious little thing - Can't wait to follow along =)

    Come see us sometime!!

    Stephanie {Dye} Roberts