Monday, November 15, 2010

Virgina, Kentucky, & Back to Royston!

Peyton & I have returned from our first road trip together! 
Whew - it was exhausting, but WONDERFUL! 
It started with our drive to Virgina to celebrate my Dad's 60th birthday! What fun - 25 family members celebrated Dad's birthday on Saturday.  My heart melted when my Grandmother held Peyton!
The Fraley Family in Appalachia! 
Jonathan had to head back to Royston for Sunday church & a work week. Peyton & I continued our road trip to KY! We had the best time seeing & visiting many, many friends! For those of you we saw - THANK YOU for loving on Peyton, taking time out of your work week to see us, & sharing in the memories of our first trip!
Our Boys! Beth, Noah, Peyton, & Me!
Hanging out at the Yuhas home: Sisters & Ty!   
After a fun-filled week, Peyton & I rode back to GA with Sarah Gregory and her long-time friend, Jolie.  They were visiting with us & attending a wedding in Atlanta.  We had such a great weekend - walking, laughing, sharing memories, & anticipating futures. As they left, our first visitors from SPDL, Sarah & Charlotte came for Sunday church.  In my opinion, it was the BEST Sunday since attending RBC. I loved my new Sunday School class, Jonathan preached an amazing sermon (he'd be embarrassed knowing I said this, but it's true!), & we had several new couples & families! YEAH!
Sarah, Charlotte, Peyton, & JB! Thanks Girls for visiting! 


  1. Glad to know you have a blog, Susan! Peyton is adorable!

  2. We loved having you and Peyton home! What sweet memories we made. Happy, happy Thanksgiving! Soon we'll see you all (including Derby) for Christmas. We can't wait!
    Love, mom/MF/Grandmama :)