Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys!

This past weekend Nancy & Phil came to visit! We had the BEST time! I LOVE that my family & the Barlows are willing to make the drive to visit, as I know it's long.  Although I don't see my sisters on a weekly basis, we cherish our time together when we can see one another.  We go on long walks/runs, eats out at yummy restaurants, shop together, & stay up late chatting. 
It was a busy weekend! It started out with JB's birthday - his parents & I went in together to get him a Wii.  He was thrilled! Phil & Jonathan stayed up until 1AM PLAYING the WII...boys will be boys! (Nancy & I were in bed long before 1am)
Dinner in Athens! Happy Birthday Jonathan!   
We also did Christmas shopping at the outlets.  I am excited about our gifts for the Barlows! Each year we do our Christmas exchange with the family we see at Thanksgiving, so shopping starts early in our household.  We also enjoyed worshiping together at RBC. 
Nancy is expecting a baby BOY April 3rd, so we had the best time talking babies, registries, schedules, future memories with our babies, & how baby boys love their mamas!!! We also laughed at the fact that we grew up in a home primarily with girls, & now are both going to be raising boys... sporting events, farting, burping, constant ESPN...boys will be boys!
Peyton & Baby Boy Boatman already making memories!
 It was a wonderful weekend! Happy Birthday Jonathan & thank you for the visit Boatmans!!!
Peyton asleep on his play yard!   
(I just had to add this picture...Peyton played so hard with Aunt Nancy, Uncle Phil, & on his play yard that he fell asleep!!! Our boy is growing!)


  1. I love your blog Susan! it's so nice to know what is going on with you, Jonathan, and your adorable Peyton! Thank you for sharing.

  2. Susan, I love keeping up with you guys! Give my best to Nancy! I know your boys will be as close as you girls are! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. How exciting that Nancy is pregnant! That will be great to have your kids so close in age! Glad your visit went great!

  4. I am so glad you have been able to see your family! Peyton is too stinkin cute! LOVE HIM!