Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Super Saturday!

Thank you friends & family for your sweet emails, texts, phone calls, Facebook messages, etc. concerning my last blog entry.  A quick update -
1. I finished the Vanilla Wafers (Nolan LOVED them!) ... haha ... really - Peyton has had a much better week ... we all just had a weak moment last Monday.  He also is getting tubes in his ears & adenoids removed next week, & I believe this will help.  Big prayers for his first surgery!
2. The Board of Education met last night & there is a good chance my school will be closing.  We will have several meetings leading up to the final decision.  We all have heavy hearts.  This affects many, many lives in Franklin County.  Please pray...

Thankfully,  Saturday was such a wonderful day.  I needed it more than anything.  Peyton & I went to Elizabeth Thrashers 1st birthday party & had a blast.  Our boy is a social butterfly & doesn't know a stranger.  It's a matter if Mama can keep up with him.  After the party, Jonathan & I took Peyton to the Atlanta Zoo (We got FREE tickets!!!).  He LOVED it.  He loved all the animals he could find, but especially the Pandas, Warthogs, & Giraffes.  It's amazing how much joy your children can bring to you. Here are a few pictures -
Peyton did NOT want to smile ... he wanted to look at the elephants!
Peyton & Papa ... again, Peyton was fascinated!
Posing in front of panda exhibit 
What is neat about the picture above is that the pandas are from Chengdu, China.  Two years ago, Jonathan traveled to Chengdu, China for mission work, but also saw the pandas!

It was a wonderful day!

On Monday, I went for a doctor's appointment for Nolan.  He & I are both healthy & doing well.  Thank you, God!  In the midst of the unknown, I am so thankful to continue to have a growing, healthy baby boy.  Prayers to you & yours this week!

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