Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Summer Starting!!!

I got to kick-off my summer break with a weekend with my big sister & her precious family!!! It was just how this girl wanted to begin her break!!!  Of course, there were many hugs & kisses to my precious kindergarteners, but I am thankful to have time off. 
Phil, Nancy, & Carter made the long drive from Kentucky to Royston, Georgia late Friday night & stayed until Monday morning.  We had the BEST time - big boys played golf while we took the little boys to the park, outlet shopping, yummy meals out (& a delicious home-cooked meal...I have to say so myself), naps, movies, & late-night talks.  The boys loved playing together, which was really their first time acknowledging one another as playmates (Carter & Peyton are 7 months apart).  Here are a few of the special memories -
Peyton & Carter posing after church!
Peyton & Me, Nancy & Carter
Thank you, Boatmans, for making the trip! We loved every minute together.  It was a great way to begin my summer.
NOLAN NEWS: I PASSED MY GLUCOSE TEST!  I had gestational diabetes with Peyton, & there is a 90% chance you will get it with another pregnancy.  Due to being high-risk & on certain medicines, all odds are against me.  But, I PASSED! I am so thankful that I don't need to go through this process again.  We had a 3-D ultrasound & I think Nolan favors Jonathan.  He is thrilled because Peyton is all me!!! (Ask my mother!)
Prayers to you & your family!

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  1. Great pictures! YEA!! NO DIABETES! So glad you all were able to spend time together and let the boys play.(BIG and LITTLE boys!) love you all! mom