Monday, May 7, 2012

Surgery, School, & Spring

I feel bad that lately I am only writing asking for prayers... this week is another big week in the Barlow home - 
Peyton will have surgery on Wednesday for tubes being put in & adenoids taken out.  I know it's a routine surgery, but it's Peyton's (& mama's first watching her baby).  I'm not worried about the doctor's but the effects after the surgery.  Please pray for the doctors & Peyton. 
Our P-Man (JB's nickname for our boy)
We find out Thursday if they are closing my school.  We will find out May 18th if I have a job...although things change daily.  I'm really proud of my husband - he led a community wide prayer vigil today, prayer walk yesterday, & wrote a letter to the Board of Education & local paper.  I am anxiously waiting the news & trying to be positive to my Kindergarten students at the same time.  I want their school year to end well.  They truly are one of the best groups of children.  
Needless to say, I didn't sleep last night.  This isn't good for Nolan or me.  My mom came this weekend.  It's amazing how God works in mysterious ways.  Mom went grocery shopping for me, cleaned for me, shopped with me, helped run the Spring Shindig, & spoiled Peyton with her time & love.  I was able to let my guard down & relax about this week. 
The Three Musketeers: Alera, Peyton, & Georgia 

Can you tell Mom & I are laughing at Peyton? 
Happy Spring from one mama to another!


  1. hugs to you all. After surgery, let him wake up slowly. It is terribly hard to just let him sleep when all you want to do is wake him, but he will be far better off!

  2. Susan, I'll definitely be praying for you and for Peyton! I can't imagine having the stress you're carrying but at least we have the faith that God is there. Let us know how everything turns out!

  3. Lots of prayers with you and your family this week Susan!

  4. Susan, I know your plate is full with so many things happening at one time. Just know you are in my thoughts and prayers. One of my favorite verses that I quote often is: "He is before all things and in Him all things hold together" Col.1:17
    Love and prayers to all of you!

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