Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Mother's Day

I think I enjoy Mother's Day more than birthday's.  If you know me, this is a BIG deal because I LOVE celebrating my birthday, along with those I love.  I love Mother's Day so much, because it's a celebration of the one who gave much to me (Thank You, Mom!!) & to give that love in return to those I love soooo much.  You cannot prepare anyone for the amount of love you have for your children.  I asked my dear friend Beth, "Do you really love your second baby as much as the first? I don't know how much more love I have in me?"  And I LOVE Beth's answer, "Your love just grows more & more..." I loved sitting in church & seeing all the photos of the Moms in the church (we had a slide show), hear Jonathan preach from 1 John 5:1-5, "Take Love," & recognize the women who are our "Unsung Heros," our nursery workers.
I wasn't sure if Jonathan had plans for today... I'm learning he works well under crunch time.  The morning began with my favorite sweet cereal (which we never buy because I don't need to eat it), Lucky Charms & coffee, served on our china.  I got to open a new pair of shoes.  For lunch - steak, sweet potatoes, corn on the cob, & a salad (No sweet for diabetes test is coming up).  Thank you, Jonathan for making today extra-special.  Here are a few pictures -
Showing off my new shoes!
After church...Peyton always makes his Mama laugh!
THANK YOU for the prayers this week.  Peyton made it through his surgery, although it's been a rough recovery.  As of Friday, I DO have a job, but several wonderful Franklin County teachers lost there jobs.  It is just a terrible financial situation for education in Franklin County.  But, thank you.  Thank you for your encouraging comments, Facebook messages, emails, phone calls, etc.  God carried The Barlow Bunch through the week.
Have a special Mother's Day - whether you are celebrating your mother or being spoiled by your children!

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  1. I agree with Beth. Your love just multiplies with each child you have! Love the Pics! JB, you get an A+ in table setting and chef! Peyton is growing so quickly! Happy end of school, today, Susan!

    Love you all 4! mom