Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I am very excited to finally write this I have been waiting until the appropriate time to share with you - my family, friends, & readers.  Jonathan, Peyton, & I are excited to announce that the Barlow Bunch is growing!!! Yes, BABY BOY 2 will be arriving on August 3, 2012! 
The second time around, I wanted to tell my family more creatively than we did with Peyton (a phone call).  Peyton told our family on Christmas Eve (Fraley family) & on the 26th (Barlow family) from the pictures below created into a card.  My family opened it without me (but received a phone call soon after) & the Barlow's opened the card in the middle of our Christmas exchange.  It was so much fun to see (& hear) their surprised looks!

The sign reads, "For Christmas, Santa brought me...
"...a baby brother or sister!"
We learned Monday that we will be having another baby BOY.  I am thrilled that Peyton will have a younger brother.  I already envision bunk beds in their future! This pregnancy has been MUCH different than Peyton's - no nausea (THANK GOODNESS...especially with a little one running around), & cravings of orange juice, pizza, & sweets!!! For 13 weeks, it has been a breeze... Thank you for sharing in our joy of our new little Barlow bunch!


  1. We are so excited to be having our THIRD GRANDSON! WHEE! More balls, goals, and bats are already at our house as well as many books. Congratulations Susan, Jonathan, and Peyton! We LOVE you all FOUR!!!!