Saturday, January 28, 2012

What I'm Lovin' this Saturday Morning!

Being a full-time working mommy, I cherish Saturday mornings (even MORE than before Peyton)! There are so many things I love about Saturday mornings -

1. Sleeping until Peyton wakes up (instead of my 5:15 am alarm)
2. Snuggling with my husband...if Peyton allows...
3. Cooking breakfast - pancakes are my favorite! (my husband always cleans up!!!)
4. Sipping on coffee & watching the Today show (my absolute favorite TV show...yes, I do DVR it during the week & watch if time allows) 
5. Playing with Peyton in his tent with all his toys (& not worrying about dinner, meetings, bath time, etc)

This Saturday is extra-special because my parents are here! Mom & Dad got in late last night & plan to stay until Monday.  We plan to shop (while the guys golf), enjoy a big church celebration tomorrow, & Jonathan & I are going on a long overdue date tonight (& have FREE baby-sitters). 

Peyton loves Mama's pancakes!

Peyton & Grandmama Fraley

These are the little things that I LOVE about life - moments at home with family, feeling relaxed & rested.  What do you love on Saturday mornings? Have a blessed Saturday! Much Love...


  1. We LOVED every second of being with you all! Thank you for letting us come! Love you all!