Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Our Weekend!

The Barlow Bunch had another wonderful weekend with family.  Papa Rusty, Nana, & Jack (their Maltese)  came from Destin, Florida to visit for the weekend & celebrate the Super Bowl.  We had a fun-filled weekend - dinner out to Carolina Pizza (if you live in the area...it is a MUST pizza joint) & Bob's Small Town Grille, an afternoon of golf, sewing lessons, cooking new recipes, Sunday church, & the Super Bowl!

If you don't know Jonathan, one fun fact about my husband - he LOVES football! This week, he watched every segment of Sports Center, read anything he could get his hands on concerning the big game, & even preached on the Super Bowl...haha.  SO, Sunday night was the climax of the season for him.  We had a blast hosting the RBC youth group, laughing at the commercials, cheering on our teams, & eating way too much!

We are thankful for family willing to travel, love & spoil Peyton, & spend time with us.  It is hard to live seven hours from both sets of parents & siblings.  We are thankful for a loving community in Royston, but miss seeing our family on a daily basis.  Consider yourself lucky if your parents & siblings live down the road! Thank you to the Barlows for a fun-filled weekend!

Jonathan, Ophelia & Peyton, Rusty 

Susan, Ophelia & Peyton 
I just had to add a few fun pictures of Peyton.  He LOVES playing outside & didn't want to stop to take pictures!

Peyton & Derby - Best Friends! 

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  1. Sounds like a GREAT weekend! So glad you all got to be together! PRECIOUS pictures! Thanks!

    Love you all!