Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Back to the Bluegrass...My Winter Break!

Peyton & I took our first TRUE ROAD trip this past weekend.  We drove 7 hours to Kentucky to visit family & friends.  I'll admit, I was nervous taking an almost 18 month old alone in a car with me.  Jonathan & I "tag-team" our long drives, taking turns keeping Peyton "entertained" in a car.  Thankfully, he couldn't have been more perfect.  He loved his Sesame Street DVD, talked to himself for twos hours, ate many Cheese-Its, & survived the long drive.
We had the best time in the Bluegrass - celebrating Ashley & Megan's baby girls arriving this spring,  shopping with my sisters, eating my favorite home-cooked meals (thanks Mom!), running in the bitter cold (it was 70 in Georgia today), loving on my precious nephew, & making memories. Peyton & I loved our road trip!
Ashley & Megan's Baby Shower

Peyton loved Auntie Anna's hats! 

Family dinner with Cousin Tommy & Delean 

Girls Afternoon (notice Carter posing for the picture!) 
I love the fact that Franklin County Schools has a WEEK-LONG Winter Break!!! It is wonderful! Today, Jonathan & I went to doctor's appointments for Baby Boy & all is well.  He is growing (already 5 ounces), healthy (strong heart beat & measurements), & I'm feeling pregnant! It is true...with your second baby, you "show" much sooner! For my Thursday, more doctor's appointments & deep spring cleaning.  For Friday, a Barlow Bunch family day...I'm so excited!!!
My prayers to you & your family.  Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of the Lenten Season.   I hope you have had time to reflect on Jesus' sacrifice today & for the next 40 days.

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  1. We loved every second of you being here! Esp. screaming with Peyton on the sofa! :)Safe travels were the biggest blessing! Have a great week as you get back into your routine!
    Much Love to all 4!