Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Post-Christmas (part 2)

Like most of you, we had so many fun events this December, that I must do a second blog on Christmas...
Since my family is from Kentucky & Jonathan's is from Mississippi/Florida, we can not do the "eat 5 Christmas dinners in 2 days, swap gifts with all our cousins, drive from town to town."  Instead, we made a decision while engaged to swap our Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday's between the Barlow & Fraley households.  We do miss the other family, but enjoy quality time with one family for several days.  For Christmas 2011, we spent it with the Barlow's in Destin, Florida.  We had a blast - our gift exchange, delicious Christmas dinner (my MIL even made my FAVORITE - strawberry pretzel salad), mani/pedi's for the girls, golf for the guys, after-Christmas shopping, & a run on the beach! We loved every minute!
Lele, Peyton & Me, Aunt Amanda & Hayes
Cousin Lele showing off her new dress!
Jonathan & Hayes
Peyton would rather play with wrapping, than his toys!
We have sweet memories of Christmas 2011.  I will hold tightly to the memories, as I am sad to return to work this week, but know our "routine" will be good for all. 
May we all cherish our happy memories of 2011 & look positively at the year ahead of us.

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