Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy 2012!

Meeting youth from our church in Atlanta 
Happy New Year to your family from the Barlow Bunch!!! I can't believe another Christmas season, New Years celebration, bowl games with junk food, sleeping in (as late as Peyton let's me), & days off are over.     As I look forward, I'm excited & anticipate what's ahead in 2012.
How did you & your family ring in the New Year? First, we got together with good friends, the Hollands & Thrashers, who also have little ones.  We met at 4:00...haha...the days of going out late are over.  We enjoyed catching up, watching football, & seeing our little ones make memories. I have to share with you a series of's impossible to get little ones to sit still!!!
Peyton, Alera, Georgia (she's done taking pics!), & Elizabeth
Peyton about to attack the girls! Alera & Elizabeth trying to smile!

We ended the night with our friends, Blake & Shellei, who stopped by to watch another bowl game.  It was a low-key night, but fun with friends. 
 I enjoyed my last few days off seeing friends, getting doctor's appointments out of the way, & attempting crafts with Peyton.  Instead of refrigerator art, the work ended up on us & the table!  May we all look ahead to the new year.  Be blessed! 

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