Friday, September 2, 2011

Peyton Turns 1!

(Jonathan posting here)
Yesterday was Peyton's 1st and Golden Birthday all wrapped up in one!  Family is traveling currently to come and share in the excitement of the little mans big day.  But yesterday was the day... so here are some of the photos of the day!

 Peyton's First Cookie!  He Loved Both of Them!
 Peyton and his friends at daycare!  Everyone was glad to be celebrating and getting to eat cookies!
 Peyton at home about to open all his presents! (Although Mom did most of the unwrapping!)
 Enjoying his new tractor!  He loved it!  Good choice Mom!
Eating his birthday dinner!  This was his first time to have pizza and he loved it!  He also loved the ice cream, avocado, yogurt!  (All of his favorites)
More photos to come as the weekend unfolds!  The birthday celebration has just begun!  Peyton says, "Thank you to all of you who have text messaged, Facebook posted, called, sang happy birthday, sent cards and gifts!  I felt sooooo special!"

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