Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Perfect Day...

Today has been wonderful! Peyton & I got to cheer on Jonathan in his 1st Olympic Triathlon at Tugoloo State Park.  Jonathan's goal was to complete the swim/bike/run under 3:00 hours, & he did it in 2:49!  It was such a beautiful morning & we loved every minute of it (Peyton didn't mind being in the stroller for 2.5 hours....a mommy's concern)! We rode with our dear friends, Misty & Alera Holland, cheering on their husband/daddy, Eddie.  Next years event is already on the calendar!
Then, we went to Georgia Thrasher's 2nd birthday party.  We were late, but loved our visit with Jordan, Meredith, Georgia, & Elizabeth.
I think Jonathan was thrilled with his success, he let me go shopping! I was able to get things for our upcoming beach trip, shoes for Peyton, & fall decor.  We are now relaxing on the couch, watching college football.
A perfect day for me - time with family, time outside, visiting with friends, shopping (under no pressure to look for specifics), & eating ice cream on the couch (what I am currently doing). 
It's days like today that get us through the difficult ones. I hope you have had a "perfect Saturday."
Jonathan on his last event!

Alera & Peyton cheering their daddy's!

Tyler, Eddie, & Jonathan

The Barlow Bunch
(I forgot my camera battery, therefore, these pictures are from my phone...I was mad at myself!)

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