Monday, June 20, 2011

Our Papa!

Papa & Peyton on Father's Day
I am a day late in honoring Jonathan...but, let's just say we are still celebrating Father's Day in the Barlow household! I didn't make a video (like he did for me), as I don't think I've have the first idea on how to create a video!
Daily, I continue to learn that parenting is a joint effort! I admire single parents more & more, because I can't imagine not having Jonathan help me raise Peyton.  I believe through parents you can see even more evidence of your spouses strengths (& your own weaknesses).  It never fails that Jonathan always makes Peyton laugh with a smile from ear to ear.  Jonathan remains calm in all situations, even when Peyton is running a 103 temperature (last week!) or when he decides to throw a temper tantrum (yes - these have begun).  Jonathan & Peyton have already begun to throw "soft" balls with one another, as I can see many ballgames in our future.  The responsibility of a father being a positive role model for his son is great, & I believe Jonathan has done exceptional well.  I am proud to call him my husband & Peyton's Papa! We love you Papa!
Jonathan & Peyton at the hospital

Peyton's first Sunday to church 
This Summer! 
A gift we received was the book, Father to Son Life Lessons on Raising a Boy by Harry H. Harrison, Jr. & he states what he believes is The Five Keys:
1. Be Around.
2. Be his Father, not his friend.  If you don't understand the difference, imagine his confusion when you must discipline him.
3. Be a good husband.  Show his mom respect at all times.
4. Be home for dinner.
5. Be his hero.

I just love this little book & see evidence of all 5 in Jonathan! Thank you!

(I'd recommend this book as a gift to anyone that might be expecting a baby boy!)

Happy Father's Day to all Fathers!

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