Monday, November 12, 2012

Halloween...a little late

I am way behind on my blogging, but have reliable excuses.  Last week, I started back to full-time work, experienced my first trip to the ER, & lost my last surviving Grandmother.  It was an emotional week - unable to play with my boys over the weekend due to being sick, hearing the news of my Grandmother's passing, & knowing my time at home with Nolan & Peyton was ending.  There will be more blogs on these subjects, but I did survive.  I felt 100% better Monday morning, my Grandmother is sipping coffee in heaven (& able to walk, diaper-free), & I already love the 21 kindergarteners in my class.
Here are a few highlights from Halloween.  Peyton had a blast running around in his puppy costume, eating candy, & carving a pumpkin with Papa.  We started the evening off with Royston trick-r-treating, stopped by our neighbors home, & ended the evening at our Fall Bash at Royston Baptist Church.  By the end of the day, it was a memorable evening.
Peyton helping Papa carve a pumpkin!
Shellei & Braz visiting before Trick-or-Treating
Peyton Trick-or-Treating Downtown Royston
Dressed up for our Fall Bash!
Thank you friends for your support this week - for your prayers, texts, phone calls, flowers, meals, etc.  I am adjusting to our new life as a working mommy of two.

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