Friday, November 30, 2012

Rewind to our Thanksgiving Trip...

   I couldn't help myself & had to write a thankful list for 2012 - my heart was filled completely FULL with gratitude this Thanksgiving.  As I look at Nolan, I truly believe he is a MIRACLE! Many doctors, nurses, & all research indicated Nolan would have cancer.  But, as you know - he is CANCER-FREE.  I did not participate in the 30-days of Thankfulness on Facebook (Although, I loved reading others entries), so it was on my heart to share with you what stood out to me this year.  I also wanted to share pictures & memories from our Barlow Thanksgiving in Destin, FL. 
   Jonathan likes to drive at night & I do not due to feeling exhausted the next day.  But, when you have a baby that doesn't like his car seat or the car (Nolan), all of a sudden, I love driving at night.  Therefore, we left Tuesday evening for Destin & returned early Saturday morning.  My in-laws rented the children (& grandchildren) a gorgeous condo for us.  Each morning, Jonathan & I opened our windows/doors to an unbelievable sunrise.  During the week, we got to - celebrate birthdays, play on the beach, run a 10K (& meet our goals & both have our personal best races!), go Black Friday shopping, watch the sunset, eat delicious food, watch the cousins make memories, & exchange Christmas gifts! It was so much fun to watch Peyton play with Lele & Hayes.  Next year, Nolan will also be in the middle of it all.  Here are a few highlights -
Cousin Fun - Lele, Hayes, & Peyton
Nana loving on Lele & Nolan

Happy birthday Jonathan & Papa Gerald!
Thanksgiving Family Photo
Loving time with Lele!
Peyton & Papa loving the beach! (I didn't pack a swimsuit! :) )
Showing off my new Christmas gifts from Amanda!
Thank you Nana & Papa Rusty for hosting ALL of us for Thanksgiving.  Thank you Jeremy, Amanda, & Seth for celebrating with us.  It was a relaxing week, filled with many memories.  I am grateful for my extended family - their prayers for my boys, their support & encouragement as we navigate what it means to parent, & their unconditional love. 

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