Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Ole Kentucky Home

Last weekend, we took our longest road trip yet...with (an almost) 3 month old & a 2-year-old! Jonathan & I packed the car & headed "home."  We had this weekend planned in June - going to shower Sarah's baby girl, take the boys to the race track, & to spend time with family before my maternity leave ends.  We had a fun-filled weekend!
It started with a trip to Anne Mason Elementary to play on Grandmama's instruments.  Peyton loved ALL of the instruments...running around playing on them.  Grandmama gave him a few lessons & even took him out to the school playground. 
Playing in Grandmama's music classroom
Grandaddy with Peyton & Nolan
Aunt Nancy had the idea to take the boys to Evans Orchard.  Carter & Peyton had a blast playing together - on the playground, at the petting zoo, & sharing apple pies.  This is the first time we really noticed them playing with one another. They "talked," shared toys, & got into trouble together.  Can we say we have our hands full?!
What are these cousins getting into?
Grandmama & Nolan (can't you tell he's in heaven? He's our cuddler!)
Anna got us box tickets to Keeneland for Friday.  The weather drastically dropped, but that did not matter.  We took pictures, watched the horses, & ate some of our favorite Kentucky food.  Peyton loved every minute.  When asked by his sitter about his Kentucky trip, he said, "Horses FAST!" 
The Barlows at Keeneland
Nancy & Carter, Auntie Anna, Peyton & Me
Happy 3 Months, Nolan! (10-30-12)
Best Buds at the Track!
Finally, on Saturday morning we celebrated with Sarah & Ella.  We drove down to Somerset, KY to Ashley's house for Ella's shower. (I wish I had a picture of Ella, but didn't get one!)  These girls have kept in touch with me, & I've lived away for EIGHT YEARS! Every time I come to KY, we find something to celebrate.  Our group keeps growing with husbands, toddlers, & babies.  What special friends!!!
Celebrating Ella Gregory's arrival! 

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