Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer trip with the Sextons

We have just gotten home from a wonderful beach trip with Jeremy, Beth, Noah, & Eliza Sexton.  We spent a weekend with them in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  (Our weekends are Thursday-Saturday, due to having a husband who works on Sunday's!)  Jonathan & I have not done many trips with friends, but often spend our vacation seeing family.  Not that we don't LOVE our family, but this trip was a perfect getaway!  We ate at some delicious restaurants, enjoyed perfect weather on the beach, played games, & laughed about past memories until we cried.  Here are some photos of our weekend - -
Noah, Peyton, & Eliza before dinner (the best we could get!)
Susan & Beth before enjoying a Cheeseburger in Paradise
Beth & I weren't sure how the boys would do at the beach.  They LOVED it! Noah would run in & out of the waves.  Peyton would sit in the sand & let the waves hit him.  Both boys loved digging in the sand, with their daddy's help.  Sweet Eliza slept in the tent, & Beth & I got to relax in the chairs...a mama's dream. 
Do you have those friends in your life that you know will be forever friends? I hope so, because it truly is a blessing.  The Sextons will be our forever friends...growing old together, watching our kids, & sharing in many more vacations. 

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