Monday, June 18, 2012

The BIG 3-0!!!

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE birthday's? Growing up, my family made them so special - balloons at breakfast (with our choice of food), sung "Happy Birthday" many times throughout the day, dinner of our choice, & of course dessert of our choice! It wasn't about the presents (although I love presents...haha), it was about making the person feel so LOVED.  I hope & pray my boys will feel the love on their birthdays.
The weekend festivities began with a 30th birthday party. Susan Knighton, my wonderful co-worker, hosted the most elegant party with her beautiful china, recipes from Southern Living, fresh hydrangeas, my favorite Italian Creme Cake, & 30 dark chocolate M&Ms (my favorite!) for all the guests.  Here are a few pictures -
The Hostesses: Susan K, Susan B, Mrs. Brock, & Lacey
The food!!!
Friday night, we had a home-cooked meal of my choice.  My parents were in town, so of course I had my mom make all my favorites! The highlight - her homemade fried okra & the Praline Key Lime Pie featured in Southern Living.
Saturday, Jonathan surprised me with Royston Drive-In breakfast & a purse! Peyton loved helping me open it!
Peyton helping Mama open!
Saturday night, Jonathan & I went to see The Lion King in Greenville, SC.  It was AMAZING!!! I would recommend it to anyone.  The music, the costumes, the animals... all unbelievable.  It was such a special day.  Jonathan asked me some wonderful questions that we discussed the entire dinner.  You may also want to ponder -
What has stood out to you this year?
What made your 20s so special?
What do you anticipate for the upcoming decade?

So far... 30 isn't so bad...
Headed to The Lion King
Thank you to those who made my day calls, texts, cards, facebook messages, etc.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!
* I am behind on blogging...I will highlight Jonathan's special Father's day next blog!

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  1. Dad and I had a great time helping you celebrate as did so many other people! 30's are terrific! You and Jonathan have a lot of good surprises ahead in this new decade. :) Love you all!