Saturday, April 21, 2012

Nolan's Nursery

We are excited about getting ready for Nolan's arrival - rearranging our guest bedroom, creating Peyton's room as a "toddler" room, cleaning out closets, & creating a space for Nolan that is HIS space.  After many discussions, lots of internet searching & comparing prices, we finally went back to our favorite bedding from Pottery Barn.  Here are a few pictures of what will be Nolan's space -
If you know me, I don't tend to go with all "neutral" colors.  Peyton's nursery is the Pottery Barn Dr. Seuss - all bright primary colors.  What I love about this bedding - it is completely different! I want Nolan's room to be different in every way.  I love the big basket (see picture 2) & hope to find some to store his blankets & toys (I've already been looking & have had no luck).  I am also having our art teacher paint a canvas with a Bible verse on it.  I love the neutral look for Nolan & excited to begin planning.
Do you have any creative suggestions for Nolan's nursery? I love to decorate, but always copy ideas from others...
Happy Saturday!


  1. So soothing! Exact opposite of Peyton's which is perfect. Wonder if Nolan will be the opposite of Peyton? It will be fun to see how it all comes together! Love you all!