Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Celebration Weekend!

I could not have gone to Kentucky at a better time! Peyton & I had many things to celebrate while in Kentucky! I am on Spring Break this week, so we took another road trip alone...8 1/2 hours later we made it to Georgetown.  We were able to celebrate -

1. Carter's 1st birthday (our nephew/cousin)
2. Nolan's first baby shower (with my dear friends from college... a "bum" shower - diapers & wipes)
3. Mom's birthday (can you believe my mother is ONLY 39!)
4. Kentucky as NATIONAL CHAMPIONS....what a blast!!!

It was a wonderful trip & time to see family & friends.  I'm not sure when I'll be able to go back, due to Nolan's arrival August 3rd.  We went to the doctor appointments today (yes - I'm high-risk so I see multiple doctors...often!).  Nolan is right on pace with his growth & weighing 15 ounces.  Jonathan & I even picked out his "coming home" outfit.  Nancy & I love the Kissy Kissy brand (check it out if your a mama!) & I got him a white gown with blue scallops.  It's so sweet.

For the remainder of the break - spring cleaning, Easter dinner preparation, visiting with friends Lauren &Beth, Easter Egg Hunt with the Bristers! I am loving every minute off of work! Here are some precious pictures from KY -

Carter & Peyton...impossible to get them in a great shot!
Carter loving icing!
Nolan's Shower with forever friends from GC!
Nancy & Anna
Celebrating Mom's birthday!

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